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0 thoughts on “Apparel

  1. Roxanne is not Mack’s widow. They haven’t been together for many years and Mack remarried. Their family enjoy their privacy and unfortunately getting in contact with her is nearly impossible. Also, I wouldn’t go selling his music without permission. Just my thoughts. Peace!

  2. Glad you like my mixtape tribute to Craig….I put in a lot of effort to try and do his music catalog some justice. Next up is my hip hop tribute to Aretha Franklin…..I’ll post more info once it’s up on my Instagram / Mixcloud / Twitter

  3. S/O to Gattie tha King 👑 for Lacing us up with one of if not the Best Homage/Tribute Songs To Master P Ever. Nicely Done and somebody Plug him in with Master P to get that on the King of the South Soundtrack when the Time Comes. He’s earned that much!

  4. Great interview, G-Holy is one of if not the best artist from Philly. Shoutout to North Philly. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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