December 4, 2023

The House of Krazees got more horrifying and spiritual on their 1994 album Season of the Pumpkin. This album is perfect to play for/while rollin in a grimy neighborhood at midnight on Halloween night. House of Krazees must have been influenced by Marilyn Manson as they heavily sampled songs from the Marilyn Manson – Portrait of an American Family album. The Marilyn Manson songs HOK sampled the most were Lunchbox and My Monkey. The album uses a wicked combination of raw hip hop/rap and hard raw metal. You know, that real hard metal! The album deals with subject matter such as the occult, supernatural, and insanity. There are supernatural themes that can be heard on this album as is the case with all of HOK’s albums.

The title track Season Of The Pumpkin is a certified HOK classic which deals with the occult and the supernatural. The song explores what really goes down on the night of Halloween. Dark demented production is used throughout this song.

You don’t really know much about Halloween. Halloween and Hallow’s Eve are just phrase for Devil’s Night in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Everybody thinks that candy is to be received and given out. Little do they know Halloween is night of the witch’s eve.

The time has come for the House of Krazees to now prepare to give this whole motherfucker a bloody scare by swinging the bloody battle axe. It’s time to wake the dead. Let them all know Hallow’s Eve is coming. Bitches are mass murdered by the street light. Letting hell break loose on Hallow’s eve. There is no chance to escape. Happy Halloween!

R.O.C. lost his fucking mind There’s nowhere to go. R.O.C. takes us to a a different place with a different style with his lyrics on his verse.

He’ll take the double barrel pumpkin gun. Step back and pump one right into you. BOOM! R.O.C. tears loose on Hallow’s Eve and goes into maximum overdrive. It’s Halloween. Hear the screams in the dreams of his head. He is the freak you fools read about on the 29th, 30th, and the 31st of every October. You never knew when he is coming out.

Feel the smoke of the night as it slowly creeps in. Feel the night. That is the breeze of Hallow’s Eve. R.O.C. got some rest because he breathes on the breeze of Hallow’s Eve. You don’t really know what really happens on Halloween. You don’t really know much about Halloween.

What the fuck? On Hallow’s Eve, Mr. Bones hears the dead souls calling his name telling him to play the game hide and seek with his mind. Mr. Bones is running through the fields trying to find the pumpkin. He has to kill what he can’t win. He sees the Great Pumpkin floating through the streets on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. He hears the Devils hear the screams and cries. Mr. Bones found his mind in the mist of the ghastly smoke.

Haunted House deals with the supernatural and occult.

Devils and ghouls on Halloween. The wicked shit is in your mind. Enter Mr. Bones house which is a dilapidated haunted house covered with dirt and grime. He thinks he feels a presence. More dead bodies for him to add to his collection.

You know you done fucked up when you went to enter this evil place. You can see Mr. Bones in the corner mauling on a dead face in the dark throwing up blood and fucking fingertips. The stench is coming from the bodies out in the hall. Clearly he is insane.

Hektic is coming to tell you this much. After that you ought to leave. The power that compels you. Still you want to leave. Knock on the door. Look out the window. The stench is coming from the bodies out in the hall. The stench is coming from the blood strewn and thrown all over the walls by Hektic. Suddenly you get a dark feeling of what is about to happen or occur. He come from the back side in through the night. Hektic drew some pictures of ghastly figures up on the wall. His house is scarier than midnight on Halloween.

ROC has lived here at Mr. Bones haunted house for years. He has lived here for fears. He eats shit and dies in this haunted house of krazees kids. His dreams are real. They try to kill ROC in his Home Sweet Home. It’s a haunted house padded with flesh and bone. This is actually the flesh and the bodies of his victims. His mind is gone. So leave him alone. He hears the shouts of the frightened little children throwing rocks at Mr. Bones krazee old haunted house house this.

Portrait is a “Portrait Of A Killer” type of song given the title. The song explains the background of a serial killer and drama caused. This is the portrait of a killer. The song is based 3 suspects accused of committing several murders throughout the United States. One of which is Mr. Bones. The first suspect was a serial killer with the mind of Jeffrey Dahmer. The second suspect was the unwanted child of a whore better known as Charles Manson.

The first suspect to a crime that has been committed is a serial killer with the mind of Jeffrey Dahmer. A serial killer entered the scene and caused drama.

This serial killer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the year of 1960. As a child, this person studied much chemistry. This person later joined the US Army in 1979.

There was 3 unsolved crimes at a US Army base which in turn were as mass mutilation murders. But to blame one of the soldiers was unheard of. This person left a US Army base in 1981 and headed home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a little fun. Things were satisfactory for 5 years. This serial killer killed about 7 kids in the neighborhood. Now the serial killer was not suspected of any type of crime. Who woulda thought this serial killer was out of their mind?

4 more men and boys were killed before then. One of the victims escaped out the back door and told the cops all the things that specifically happened. The next thing you know the serial killer was in custody that night facing charges of murder. Everybody was out to get the serial killer. The serial killer knew and was certainly aware of this. The serial killer told their lawyer about planing insanity. However the serial killer confessed to all counts of cannibalism and murder. The serial killer was convicted and received the life sentence. A real motherfucking menace.

The second suspect was a man born in 1934. He was the unwanted child of a whore. He was born and raised in Kentucky He lived in Kentucky all his life. His name on the streets was Charles Manson. Now he went to jail and was released in 1967.

Later on in his life he moved to San Francisco, California and found his Heaven. He was the leader of the cult group known as the family. Charlie was always in the circles surrounded by the thoughts in his head. The family would do anything that he said.

So he let them all in on the master plan. To kill off and make waste of the white man so the black folks could have control and well. Fucked it up beneath little Charlie’s hell. Helter Skelter got folded day by day. So they said fuck it. Next they went out and killed Sharon Tate. The next day they were arrested for the crime. Charles Manson ended up doing a life sentence in prison.

The third suspect is Mr. Bones. He is locked down in the sick world of his own. Here’s a clue when the demon came alive. Mr. Bones committed his first murder at the age of 16 in Detroit, Michigan back in 1975. But quiet is kept if you know what the I mean. Everybody acted like they had heard and had seen nothing. Many murders in Detroit go unsolved and remain unsolved. What a surprise.

Analyzing his fucking evil sound. He had been back and forth to every shrink in town. This past year he dropped some acid and tried to kill his girlfriend. He broke her arm and almost killed her. The reason as to why he almost killed her is unknown.

At age 18 he was kicking his wicked rhymes with drug abuse and fatal thoughts of suicide. Premonitions of death lie in a bloody path. People try to say that Mr. Bones is insane and pass the blame on his distorted brain. They get scared when he tries to kick the truth. This is because they know he is the demonic youth.

Each member of HOK tells us their horror story on the song Horror Story. They deliver sick rhymes. So listen as they melt your mind with the rhymes that they bring. This is one of their best horrorcore rap songs to date.

For example, Mr. Bones talks about somebody stabbed him which resulted in his death on Verse 2.

Somebody stabbed Mr. Bones in the heart with one of those butcher knifes. Then he embedded in the flat lines. Death to all described in his wicked rhymes. Now he is lost in sands through time. He is just another horror story. Killing is killing whether done for good, bad, profit, or fun!

[Verse 2: Mr. Bones]
To melt your mind with the rhymes that I bring
Don’t ever stay too close because I don’t sing
I bring bad things to life
Somebody stabbed me in the heart with one of those butcher knifes
Death to all described in my wicked rhymes
Sands through time, embedded in the flatlines
Page by my the page, I’m in an out r-r-rage
Crowds lose their minds when I’m on s-s-stage
I deliver my sick rhymes through the glory
I’m just another motherfuckin horror story

Horror Story uses that sample of Marilyn Manson – Lunchbox at the beginning. However most of the song uses mashed up samples from Marilyn Manson’s songs such as My Monkey, Snake Eyes and Sissies, and Killing is Killing. HOK sampled so much from the Portrait of an American Family album.

I rate this album 5/5*!!

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