December 4, 2023

Kurtis Blow – Deuce was the party dance music influenced 1981 rap album which people hardly ever talk about. The album had dance floor groovers such as It’s Gettin’ Hot, Getaway, Starlife, and Take It to the Bridge. Kurtis Blow displays his storytelling skills on a majority of the songs. Starlife is one of those examples.

It’s Gettin’ Hot was the flaming hot dance floor groover of the album which got audiences moving and captivated to the rap dance sound. The song bounces to a funky rhythm.

It’s gettin’ hot. Every year it comes around. The season when you got to throw down. You don’t wanna work. You just gotta play. Kurtis doesn’t wanna work. He’s just gotta play That is why he is gonna dance the night away. When winter comes he’ll stay inside. But now’s the time to slip and slide. The steam is rising on the street. In the dead of night you can feel the heat. So grab a partner. Don’t stay at home. This ain’t the time to be alone.

Starlife told the story behind the life of a male superstar captivating thousands and earning millions. Kurtis broke down every explicit detail about this male superstar and who he made himself out to be. The song explained the luxuries and glorious life of being a superstar with fame and fortune.

On Monday morning, he checks the news. He’s number one in rhythm and blues (R&B). From record to record he tops the sheet. He’s got fifty gold records up on the wall! And the other stars cannot compete. He hits the notes that are so high that the men just stare and the women cry. They come to see him from near and far.

This man who is a superstar is a genuine owner of twenty cars. He spends all his days among the stars. He’s got a brand new house at the top of the hill when he’s got to cool out and chill. Every room has got a new TV and every dog has got a pedigree. He is livin’ every day in the life of a star.

He’s got a mansion up in Beverly Hills with a great big swimming pool and has got a townhouse back in old New York where he used to go to school. And some folks say he’s got his own chalet if he wants to go and ski. And a house in France for a little romance. His house is located outside of Paris. Wherever he goes, he sets the mood with the fly clothes and the fancy food. All over the town with the pretty girls. He makes the scene and he rocks the world. With the bass that’s known from coast to coast.

Kurtis shows us how he takes it to the bridge on Take It to the Bridge. This is an example of early battle rap from the 1980s. The song bounces to a funky rhythm and a super jazzy saxophone with a saccharine melody.

Kurtis Blow heard people say he couldn’t rock a spot. And you can tell anybody anything you want. But remember that Kurtis Blow is the man. So let’s take it to the bridge and see what’s up. He heard you say his game ain’t tough. But you don’t really know the deal. You can talk all day about how to drive. But it’s different when you take the wheel. So come on up and take a chance. And pop your stuff all night. But people will still remember his name when you drop out of sight.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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