December 4, 2023

The single Kurtis Blow – Starlife/Way Out West is one of the lesser known rap singles of 1981 due to the release being a limited edition. This single could have been a massive success if not just being packaged as a limited ration only singe. However rap at this time was still in its infancy had not become a widely accepted household genre except in urban areas. The single uses funky grooves and guitar twinges over rap lyrics Kurtis Blow displays his storytelling skills on songs such as Way Out West.

Star Life was about the glamorous lifestyle of a male celebrity with much sensationalism and glory. Kurtis Blow displays his storytelling skills here.

If you party hearty. If you make the scene. If you’ve got the jones for a limousine, forget your worries and the way things are spend a day in the life of a superstar!

On Monday morning, he checks the news to hear that he’s number one in rhythm and blues (R&B). From record to record he tops the sheet and the other stars cannot compete. He hits the notes that are so high to the extent where the men just stare and the women cry. They come to see him from near and far. The man they made a superstar. The genuine owner of twenty cars spends all his days among the stars. And when he’s got to cool out and chill, he’s got a brand new house at the top of the hill. Every room’s got a new TV and every dog’s got a pedigree. Livin’ every day in the life of a star.

He’s got a mansion up in Beverly Hills with a great big swimming pool. Not only that. He’s got a townhouse back in old New York where he used to go to school and some folks say. He’s got his own chalet if he wants to go and ski and a house in France for a little romance outside of gay Pari! (Paris, France to be exact.) Wherever he goes, he sets the mood with the fly clothes and the fancy food. All over the town with the pretty girls. He’s makin’ money. He makes the scene and he rocks the world. He’s got fifty gold records up on the wall!

Way Out West told the story of a stranger who came from Harlem to the West (western part of the United States) that rode into town on a big black steed lookin for a man named Ganamede. The two men engage in a showdown which transitions into a dance-off. Throw down at the showdown! Way Out West displayed and showcased Kurtis Blow’s storytelling skills.

There came a stranger dressed in black from a Harlem Town. Coming from the place you’d expect the least. Way out west from way back east to say the very least. He had a Stetson hat with a band of gold. and eyes like steel that would make your blood run cold. He had a microphone hanging by his side ready to be amplified.

The stranger rode into town on a big black steed lookin for a man named Ganamede. He got word this man would just not get down. The stranger came to the assumption that if he rocks this world, then he can rock this town! And when they asked the stranger for his name, he said “Kurtis Blow, I play the rappin’ game. I can do the do. I can do the deed. And tonight I’m gonna rock Ganamede!”

Now Ganamede thought he was cool. He wore Gucci shoes and had a fancy school. A fancy job in a big corporation. Fancy girls all across the nation. Fancy friends and fancy dough. Only one thing he wouldn’t do is let himself get down with you. The stranger went to the old saloon, grabbed his mic and spun a tune. Everyone in the whole darn place said, “Do the rap and set that pace!” He rapped them down and out. He made them dance and shout.

At midnight, Ganamede came in to watch the dancers move and spin. He took a seat over by the bar and started smoking a big cigar. Then he said, “I’ll admit the stranger isn’t bad. But tonight I’m gonna make him sad ’cause I don’t care about the groove. There ain’t no dude gonna make me move!”

The joint was jumpin’ hard at one. Things were really fly at 2 AM. But Ganamede was havin’ none. The stranger rapped and the tension grew. Ganamede maintained his cool. He thought to himself, “I’ll make the stranger play the fool ’cause I don’t care about the groove. There ain’t no dude gonna make me move!”

The showdown came at 3 o’clock. The stranger said, “I’m gonna make you rock. I’m gonna make you move. Gonna make you dance. They’re gonna take you out in an ambulance Now everybody lend a hand. I’m gonna make you be the band. There ain’t no jive. No superstition. We’re gonna have a little demolition. Get down! Now stomp your feet to the funky beat. Just clap your hands And let the beat expand. Let me hear the bass. Put it in my face. Let the guitar play. Just put it away. And now I think we’ve got the groove. So Ganamede, get up and move!”

Now everyone looked at the bar at the lonely man with the big cigar. He began to move and shake. He’d had as much as he could take. Suddenly his body collapsed to the floor. Then the crowd began to roar. The stranger just had done the deed. He rocked the house with Ganamede.

Kurtis Blow talked his dream to become a rapper on Throughout Your Years. He explained how a little hard work and dedication can go a long way. Like an Oscar-winning actor, the man called Kurtis Blow is playing a role. Throughout Your Years also explored the ups and downs, highs and lows of life.

When he wasn’t the best, there was something in his head. To be a rapper was his dream. Like an Oscar-winning actor when he is playing a role. So he goes out of his way to be the best he can be. Now here he is rapping at the jam with the all the fly guys and the young ladies. The man called Kurtis Blow is the man with the mic who rocks the house.

When it started out, the way wasn’t clear. There was much confusion and a lot of fear going inside of his head internally. Kurtis was walking in the shadow searching for the light. Because it ain’t all champagne and caviar. Living in the star life of luxury. Riding around the town in the finest car.

Kurtis Blow explained how a little hard work and dedication can go a long way. A thousand things can hold you back and try to run you off the track. So you got to believe you can be the best. You got to work real hard to achieve success. Believe and you can achieve anything in life. Believe and achieve.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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