Review: Reservoir Jocks ‎– Club Fiction E.P.

Reservoir Jocks ‎– Club Fiction E.P. is a high quality hard house EP with tunes perfect for the dance floor. You have your upbeat hard house songs such as O.K.A.Y. and From Dub Till Dawn which will make you dance. You also have very chill songs such as Chilling Zoe (Quentin’s Reprise). The digital EP sounds very retro for being released in 1997 though.

The opener Let’s Go 2 Work has repetitive vocals and house beats which are nothing really special. However this song is perfect enough to make you want to dance due to the upbeat tempo and rhythms. Either way this song was a banger produced by the Klubbheads DJ team.

O.K.A.Y. sounds a bit retro for a song recorded in 1997. The song is laced with heavy chords and is backed with retro electro synths played in major keys beneath a set of tribal drums. The way the Klubbheads DJ team made those tribal drums sound like bass is amazing and breathtaking. The Klubbheads DJ team did an extraordinary job on making those tribal drums sound like bass.

Pumpin’ It Up uses some heavy but funky electro chords which sound similar to bass notes. The beats used are house beats and tribal drums. This is one of those dance floor songs.

From Dub Till Dawn uses heavy bass lines and electro chords over a set of dubs. The song is most notable for its heavy usage of dubs. House style break beats are used throughout the song.

Chilling Zoe (Quentin’s Reprise) is the chill mellow closer of the EP which calms everything down with a set of vintage chords and synths. The song is quite similar to a Popuh Vuh song despite there being not any elements of New Age music used.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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