SKELETON STAFF – KURFÜRSTENDAMMNED is a German themed electro swing album from Australia. Those German accents fit in perfectly and appropriately with the oppressive mood and upbeat vibe of this album. A German themed electro swing album from Australia. Who would have thought? What a unique and interesting concept for an electro swing album. Fresh from 2022.

SKELETON STAFF was influenced by the sounds of 1920s swing jazz. That makes sense the sounds of 1920s swing jazz was used throughout their entire album. Not only do they use 1920s swing music. They also use 1930s lounge jazz and cabaret. There is a little bit of cabaret sprinkled into their songs as well.

Adulterers, Liars & Thieves is a song about people who engage in illicit forms of employment and occupations. The characters in the song are Klaus and Elke. Klaus is a director of pornography films and Elke is an actress.

Klaus works nights from 10 PM until dawn filming porn as he is a director of pornography films. Elke slips the milkman one when Klaus has gone. And the milkman’s wife is making plans with the loudmouth at the taxi stand. Who will always take a helping hand if you are short a fare.

Adulterers, liars and thieves weave tangled webs. Adulterers, liars and thieves set out to deceive people and scam them out of their money. In all our histories, can’t we evolve beyond these?

Now the milkman’s made his free delivery. Elke lets him lounge around in Klaus’s gown. And the milkman’s wife was packed to go, but the taxi driver never showed. Being wise to where her husband goes, she’s now back on his trail.

Klaus was stealing prints to sell them on at Cafe Braun. Klaus gets caught and now he’s done. They’ve sent him home. The taxi driver won’t leave him alone. Then the milkman’s wife invades his home ripping at Elke’s hair. Damage, carnage, and contradictions leave the Wachtmeister with 5 convictions.

We’re In Berlin was a more political electro swing song with signs of socio-political consciousness than most electro swing songs. The song explains how there is political unrest in Germany.

The economy of Berlin, German has recessed. All the world’s in the same mess. Are we disappearing west as our history would suggest? We’re all sinking with the rest in political unrest. And the one escape that’s left is to run around undressed. Everybody is on brink of this disaster. Parallel the faces round the Jägerstrasse. Every parent is tired and stressed. Every teenager is depressed and every child is dispossessed. Of course every pensioner regrets.

The World Will Be Our Valentine explains how people take chances in old Berlin, Germany.

Everyone has their price in old Berlin. This is because everyone rolls the dice in old Berlin. No one thinks twice in old Berlin. People are tasting the sour and sweet benefits in old Berlin whether good or bad. Every sin is there on the menu. The bargain’s getting sweeter every time people come there. Every bar’s a sensual vacation which comes enticing with every gyration a tempting sensation.

Come to the cabaret in old Berlin. Lucifer’s holding sway in old Berlin. Life is a dark bouquet in bad old Berlin. There is high art and utter trash in that city. Even at the price of a nasty rash. You can rise out of the muck-heap any time you want to. You could win your own place in history down in old Berlin. You’ll re-write your destiny down in old Berlin whether it be clean, dark or dirty. For everyone that’s so inclined.

Join The Gang explained why a girl named Frieda joined a gang called SKELETON STAFF. She joins a gang because all the other boys and girls ignore her.

Cousin Frieda has a tiny little problem. Sadly she’s a trifle plain. All the boys and girls ignore her. Her clothes are drab and tame. However Cousin Frieda has another option from this surgeon’s magazine. She won’t be a natural beauty, but at least she will be seen. Say goodbye to abnormality. She wants to join the SKELETON STAFF gang. She’s signing up and wants to join the SKELETON STAFF gang. She wants to join the gang. She’s signing up, wants to join our gang. Decrease her dimensionality. And she don’t care what it cost.

Neighbour Fritz is getting uneasy and anxious now because his business won’t survive. But he has another option since their last recruitment drive. He wants to join the SKELETON STAFF gang. He’s signing up, wants to join the SKELETON STAFF gang. The Party’s fixing his maladies. His policy is brutality. There’s no time left for neutrality.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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