Review: Rufus Blaq – Credentials

Rufus Blaq showed not only his production credentials but his rapping credentials on his 1998 album Credentials. He proved that he could hold his own weight as a rapper on his songs such as Come Alive Y’all, Out Of Sight (Yo), Give It To Me Daddy, True Ballerz, and Ambush Crew. His trademark husky voice may make him sound like a gimmick. But if you take time to listen, you can already tell he has incredibly lyrical skills on the mic.

Rufus Blaq raps in his trademark husky voice about how every time he writes a rhyme that that you know it’s tight on his song Out of Sight (Yo). Never test Rufus Blaq the six footer. You can never compare to the rhymes he writes. The song uses heavy bass lines over East Coast style boom bap hip hop beats. These lyrics show that he can be verbally aggressive and violent on the mic, “You can still catch verbal slugs to ya chest/You niggas tryin’ to front like you hard as cold steel” Clearly he bites rougher than a Rottweiler. You can bet your top dollar on that one.

On Give It To Me Daddy, he talks about how he can make things hot with his lyrics and raps. He’s a cat that’s impossible to stop. He rock parties on a global scale not only with his production but his rap as well. Lyrically y’all haters should not test. You talkin’ shit when you never progress.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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