Review: Blaque – Blaque

Blaque’s self-titled album was released at the peak of teen pop in its most popular stage. Clearly they were copying the formula of 3LW and TLC. People have went so far as to say Blaque was trying to be like TLC, SWV, or Total. Their album has Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes work written all over it since she executive produced the group. Their self-titled album copied the contemporary pop sounds at the end of the 90s decade. The ladies of Blaque found success after the explosion of female R&B groups at the time. Despite being a moderate success on the Billboard Charts, the album managed to reach platinum status by being certified platinum.

Rainbow Drive was a call for people all over the world to come together for some unity and peace amongst one another. Everybody, come together! Let’s get to Rainbow Drive! Just feel the vibe. Blaque says you don’t need no money because it’s a natural high. They also tell people to forget about their worries as it’s gonna be alright. Love and peace on Earth is what they want.

Our time is too short. We’ve gotta live our lives. We got live together. When we do unto the others we pay. It might change your life when you understand that you’re only a shade away.

[Verse 1: Brandi]
People all over the world
Let’s come together
We need some unity
And peace among one another
Here’s what ya do (try)
Just let ya feel you (to)
You release your fears
And bring your mind
To my point of view

Blaque compares the intensity of their love making to the booming bass sound that an 808 can produce on their classic pop song “808”. Ironically the song uses beats from a Roland TR-808 drum machine rather than live instrumentation.

Notice how Natina was trying be and sound like Left Eye during her spoken word part the beginning of the song as well as Verse 3.

[Spoken: Natina]
Check it out
See what I believe is
We was granted the power
What’s that? Power, wha…
Ha, gotta make you dance
Like this

[Verse 3: Natina]
Ain’t nobody can bang it like me
Stack it like me, what’n like me
Ask Kelly, his original plan
To get as large on the map, by makin’ you clap your hands
Damn shoo bizzatch, I’m not gonna lie
I’ll pump my amps to this
Cutie pie, honey bunch
If you’re not busy take me to lunch
Oh, y’all done did it now, with the luscious music
World poppin’ crews, and what, 8-0 grooves
To what intended use, yeah you to get me up you
You wanted to bump, and get them 8’s
Cause they ride in my pocket baby
And today I just wanna
Jiggle my bump
And knock your socks off
Wit’ my what? What? What? (wha wha wha wha)

I rate this album 2/5**.

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