Review: Alice Francis – Electric Shock

Alice Francis – Electric Shock was the follow-up album to Alice Francis – St. James Ballroom. Alice Francis – Electric Shock is an overlooked gem of an electro swing album which has vintage jazz sound. Not many people knew about this album which flew under the music radar. The producers put pop and 1930s jazz music together perfectly. The album has eloquently produced jazz compositions such as Bird’s Melody, Too Damn Hot,

Alice sings about how the birds sing for her as they’re sitting in the apple trees on the soothing Bird’s Melody.Bird’s Melody has an irresistible melody that is sung perfectly by Alice. Her voice is so soothing as always.

It’s such a sunny day but her lover is too far away from her. Alice wishes them both on a star while she wondering where he is. And the birds sing for Alice as they’re sitting in the apple trees. The birds sing this sweet melody all for him and for Alice. She is waiting for tonight for her lover to be by her side. She is waiting here all patiently with this sweet melody.

Alice shows the hotness from her rough and tough side on the blazing Too Damn Hot. The producers put pop and 1930s jazz music together perfectly. This is another eloquently produced jazz composition.

Alice is too damn hot and too tough for the man attempting to hit on her. Alice sees he wants her desperately. Sweet talk is not enough to get her attention. So Alice tells him, “Forget it! Stop tryin’. I’m way too tough!” She is out of his league. His tactics are interesting and amusing. But he is simply just waisting his time.

Beatptized is a beat driven Afrobeat song which changes up the vibe and pace for the album. An ensemble of African drums were used throughout the song. Alice gets in touch with her spiritual side on this song. The song is about the spirit of love.

Alice was going to the riverside to finally break up with love. Then a spirit came upon her. This was a spirit that was manifested in vibes. And then she saw the light. She found out two things. Love is a rhythm. Love is a beat. It infected her system and brought her down to her knees. The moment that Alice opened up her eyes, she realized she was beatptized. Baptized with beats. Think about a baptism with beats.

Love is a fire that burns in her soul. This got her out of control. The spirit told her, “Love is something that you need. My child the time is right, let your love run free.” Now Alice is dancing barefoot. The rhythm has got her breaking. Alice got baptized in the Mississippi Delta. When she opened up her eyes, she was beatptized. The boom bab beatptized her on the dance floor levitating with this energy. Alice has been affected and possessed with the best gift. She started doing gymnastics.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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