Review: Lizz Wright – Salt

Lizz Wright – Salt was a subtle calming world music-influenced jazz music album that was subtle and calming that features some heartfelt vocal tracks from Lizz herself. This album showcased and shed coverage of her jazz-influenced sound and style. She manages to make her vocals jazzy and attractive to listen to.

Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly tells people to never be afraid to love and to never be afraid to just cast away the chains of doubt. The song also encourages people to be free.

Never be afraid to love and to never be afraid to just cast away the chains of doubt. Never be afraid to love and to never be afraid to just be. Don’t cloud your eyes with others lies. Don’t go hanging your dreams on their lies. See only what you want to see. Duplicate this simple truth. Have courage to be free. You got to cast away the chains of doubt. Just duplicate this simple truth.

Soon As I Get Home deals with Lizz having uncertainty about her feelings because she let herself get so uptight.

There’s a feeling here inside that Lizz cannot hide. And she knows she’s tried but it’s her turning herself around. She needs both feet on the ground. Maybe she is just going crazy. She let herself get uptight. But she is gonna be all right soon as she gets home.

In a different place and in a different time. Different people all around her. She would like to know their different world and how different they would find her to be. And just what’s a Wiz? Is he big and will he scare her? If she asks to leave, will the Wiz even hear her? And how will she know then if she ever gets home again?

Here she is is alone though it feels the same. Lizz just doesn’t know where she is going. And a strange wind is blowing. She is so amazed at the things that she sees here. But she just don’t want to be here. In her mind this is clear. What is she doing here? Lizz wishes she was home.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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