Review: Gimisum Family – Tha Hoodway

Gimisum Family – Tha Hoodway is one of the eeriest Memphis rap albums of 2005 with a dark vibe and sound. The album has that classic Gimisum production sound Gimisum Family is known for. These Memphis rappers were ahead of their time. This album has the hardest gangsta rap songs such as What Yo Hood Like? and Strapped At All Times. Songs such as Skilled Pimpin deal with the field of prostitution.

I’m So Real is a smooth chilling laid back junt with Chill Will and Big Blacc flowing hard and kicking street knowledge. This is one of the more laid back junts on the album next to I’m Laid Back.

What Yo Hood Like? is a certified Memphis classic which hardly anyone bumps. The synths along with other instrumentation used on the song make the junt eerie sounding. The most hilarious part of the song is when the lyrics “get your dope pushing ass in the car” play. What yo’ hood like? Is it rough? Is it tough?

Strapped At All Times is a sick Lil Gin solo junt where he is flowing hard and kicking street knowledge. Lil Gin explains how he is strapped with a firearm at all times. The song is backed by the occasional Bun B sample containing esoteric violence which goes “Pistol grip pump in my lap at all times/ Niggas fuck with other niggas shit, but they don’t fuck with mine/17-5, I gotta bird on they ass/Pistol grip pump in my lap at all times/Niggas fuck with other niggas shit, but they don’t fuck with mine/17-5, I gotta bird on they ass”

Lil Gin keeps a pistol grip pump in his lap at all times. Niggas fuck with other niggas shit but they don’t fuck with his. 17-5, he gotta bird on they ass.

Lil Gin is a full-time gangster. Pimpin’ is his career choice. He is in the midnight studying, gambling, and smokin’ pure erb. You know the wise guy. Controllin’ crooked dissection along his own designated piece of curb packin’ his chrome steel But he is looking up to real niggas in this industry like Russian Jews becoming jazz on they companies. Successful salesmen putting hits on crooked cops. He is trapped in the ghetto steadily taking criminal mugshots. They say a nigga with a gun is homicidal. Well they made it legal to tote it in Texas, now ain’t that suicidal?

For the niggas with no sense on Thomas and Woodlong Boulevard sniffin’, high-capper niggas gon’ get robbed. Lil Gin is shootin’ ’em double as victims are slaughtered which is an atrocity. GimiSum Family pullin’ them papers and makin’ em capers.

Lil Gin is from that North Memphis area where pimp niggas packin’ the heat under the seat. Where pimp niggas be dippin’ sweets and bumpin’ doja. GimiSum Family be tearin’ up the fucking club. Thick as hell on Beale Street where you can fuck on the first night, hoes.

Everywhere niggas is tryna get paid. The game is you play or played. There are killers in his town. GimiSum Family is layin’ em down with a rusty twelve gauge

When Lil Gin is hangin’ on the curb with his gauge in a garbage can, his hand on his dick for the freaky bitches lovin’ a playa. He is liquor store bound. He hit a junkie with some crumb-numb to get a pint of Crown Royal. (That is what a pint of crown is.)Can’t you see that skunk got me crunk as shit with a face mask? Smothered by the dope he blasts. Loced out with his kinfolk crest.

Smooth Getaway Pt. 2 is a sick Lil Gin solo junt based on a fictional story about a robber named Joe who makes a smooth getaway. The song also deals with paranoia. SMK produced this junt.

A prisoner up on a bus by the name of Joe grabbed his sharp toothbrush, then stuck a hole up in the leg of the guard. The guard took it hard. The gauge accidentally shot. Bullets hailed through the wind. Yet Joe stuck the guard again. Buckshots in the bus driver’s head made the whole bus bend. But Joe got away with ease. Then he heard a “freeze!”. He escaped and evaded imprisonment by fleeing through the woods. But then he then fell in a ditch only to get eat a snake.

There was not enough police to stop Joe’s little plan. Yet the homicide squad and murder squad mastered his game. He wasn’t that far away as he was still in range. Joe might mess up cause he’s a doctor. And doctors run straight to hospitals dodgin’ from choppers. It was a smooth getaway.

Now back in a hospital room is Joe with clippers up in his hand. He cut his afro to change his identity. He beat the other doctor down and then took his gear. Then he opened up the door to the ambulance. The patient which was the guard, he stepped and glanced. Flashbacks from the on the bus made the guard reminisce.

He recognized the face of doctor. Then he tried to snitch. But the doctor was very fast as he gripped the mask of gas. Then covered his face to make him shut up. The doctor turned Joe over to the nurse. She placed Joe in a room. The nurse took of the mask so now it’s on. “Joe, see you can run but you can’t hide. Back up, come on the ground and undisguised.” Joe got caught in traffic and went through a crowd surrounded by laws.

Skilled Pimpin explains how a pimp has to have expertise in the field of prostitution. Like that famous quote from the character Gold from The Mack movie, “Remember. A pimp is only as good as the product. Now you’ve got to get there and get the best you can find and work those broads. Anybody can control a woman’s body. But the key is to control the mind.”

Theses niggas are drinking with they hoes. Who do they chose? Your ass for they riches, your clothes, or your gold? Who knows. I hope the lord was with you.

Tell the morticians to come and get you. Think about it.You gave your life to this bitch. Come to find out that it wasn’t worth it. Unless she got your kids. Thеse bustas trading like they gonna kill for you. I hеard this time and time again. Couldn’t have been with one of his so called friends.

Do my story seem real to ya

They all end up in the pen drinking that Andrew with some rum.Trapped up in this cell of hell. Criminal Manne had been incarcerated since the 80s. Guards checking that red card for some commissary. 211 is passin his time and constantly lying to Sister Mary. Knowing all the time them demons really scared him. His life is hell already. The warden says tomorrow he is out this bitch.
I pack my shit and hit the bricks

Smoking on some chronic with the warden bitch.
These streets been hard from the start.
Plus these bitches breaking these bustas heart.
Camouflaged guerrillas pulling them triggers
Just ? those who crying with those at your funerals
Work them broads like nobodys ever worked them before

It’s summertime. The sun is burning hot. 211 is seeing nothing but hoes as he cruises the block. He parks his car and stepped outside the University of Memphis where them college bitches say, “What’s your name, baby?” One bitch says, “My name’s Katie”. And she’s a special kind of lady who is very educated. But Katie was the kind scheming for his. She’s running her line. 211 is playing with Katie’s mind. Katie wants to wine and dine. 211 is smacking that pussy with the switch. Bad little kitty.

Ask him for this pimpin. Now what about Kim? His chances were slim until he read the book of Iceberg Slim. Smiling and grinning all the time. Who’s your so called friends? They dust for dust. Calling that bitch up on the other end and tell your bitch head split. Bustin marks from the AK. Real men don’t play that way. But some of these tricks gonna witness.

He ain’t running from you bitches down with givin stitches. He’s taking the money out the vault. And smackin these bustas with his yot. Got trouble they gonna make bubbles from the lady. They crossing for these flakes. Nothing but friends thinking they straight. They think they ready for this drug powered shit. Clean cars and hits. So hug your kids because the gang get bigger and Mr. Big will split your wig over that shit you did. Fuck what you bustas think. Fuck you snitches. A toast to the bitch that boast with the most. His pimpin go coast to coast like Casper the friendly ghost.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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