Review: C-Roc – Rock It Up

The album C-Roc – Rock It Up is one blazing hot crunk album from the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. The album has some blazing hot electronic beats and crunk snaps. You can feel a sense of crunk and suspense. This one of his best albums next to Dramatized Minded and Mental Illusions.

The album C-Roc – Rock It Up was originally slated to be released in August 2001. However this did not happen because the masters to that album were stolen in a home invasion that happened in 2001. C-Roc – Rock It Up is one of the Street Smart Records releases that were stolen when several masters to the Street Smart Records albums/releases got stolen in a home invasion. So this led the album release date to be cancelled and the album to be shelved for at least 10 years. This was a setback for the label, C-Roc, and Tommy Wright III. Street Smart Records falling apart didn’t help the situation either.

Some of you might remember that the album cover had C-Roc in a bright red colored background holding a wine bottle in his left hand. The cover was designed by Street Level Graphics in 2000. This album cover was advertised in several Street Smart Records albums and releases throughout the early 00s. The album cover was redesigned by IAP Graphics in 2012.

The original cover of C-Roc – Roc It Up designed by Street Level Graphics.
The 2012 album cover designed by IAP Graphics.

C-Roc – Rock It Up was released 11 years later in 2012 as C-Rock – Rock It Up. That album was one of the very select few Street Smart Records albums/releases to be reissued later with new tracks. So fans actually got to purchase that album. C-Roc – Rock It Up is one of the Memphis rap albums that got overlooked but is well-appreciated by Memphis rap fans across the world. That makes sense as Rock It Up was an underground album with a limited amount of pressings which makes the album difficult to find. Unlike Mental Illusions there are no old tracks at all.

C-Rock rocked it up on his blazing hot crunk song called Rock It Up. Honestly it’s good to hear and see C-Rock back on some new shit with fresh material.

C-Rock and Tommy Wright III had some fire verses on the song All Hang Out. Tommy Wright III came back better than ever on this song especially. His fans knew his verse was fire. Honestly it’s good to hear and see Tommy Wright III back on some new shit with fresh material.

Not too many people know this but the song with C-Rock and K-Rock called Some Niggaz was a diss song. There was a diss that was played in reverse that was aimed at Juicy J and DJ Paul. The song was used on the album Manson Family – Blood On Da Wall.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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