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Review: Lil House Gangstaz ‎– Execution Style E.P.

Lil House Gangstaz ‎– Execution Style E.P. is a unique house music EP where the sounds of electronic music, jazz, and funk are blended in together. Funky and jazzy are 2 words to describe this Lil’ House Gangstaz vinyl EP. Execution Style is a jazzy house EP which house heads will surely enjoy purchasing and listening to this release as this EP was released on Nite Grooves. Now Nite Grooves was the label known for its jazzy house offerings. This EP is one of those jazzy house offerings from the Nite Grooves label. Perfect for a picnic or pool party.

Bass Nation is an ode to bass music hence the heavy bass all over the place. Lil House Gangstaz decided to pay homage, tribute, and respect to bass music in the song Bass Nation. Lil House Gangstaz are know for their amazing production and samples.

Two Steps To Heaven is jazzy house cut with an eccentric bongo percussion backing. Bongos represent the tribal house element in this song. The sound is cool and very calming. The sound is so calming that you’ll feel as if you’re already in heaven. Lil House Gangstaz play a mean keyboard on this song which makes this song funky for a jazzy house cut. Garage meet jazz house with fusion of tribal house on the song Two Steps To Heaven.

Use What We Got is one of the lesser known songs from Lil House Gangstaz. This song did not get as much play as their other songs did in NYC. Garage meets jazz on this song.

I rate this EP 4/5****!!

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