Review: Lil Sin – Fallen Star

Fallen Star is a very personal heartfelt album which revolves around the life experiences of Lil Sin and his inner emotions. World music meets rap music on this Lil Sin album. The album was released on his SoufField label in 2014. Only 1,000 copies of Lil Sin – Fallen Star were pressed on CD and sold by hand to hand sales in San Antonio and Austin. On this album Lil Sin goes by the name Ronnie Warner.

On the song Fallen Star, Lil Sin is a figurative representation of a falling star in the sky. He is the falling star many people wish upon a make their dreams come true. He explains why he left the music business and chose not to be famous. The song represents the realistic side of Lil Sin with logic and reality.

A single acoustic guitar is playing in the background during nighttime in the song Fallen Star. The mood is fairly subtle as it gravitates towards a slow tempo pace. Notice the crickets in the background anyone? A.Wash produced Fallen Star.

Many people want to be here not knowing the consequences of being a star. The fame and glory is not all what it’s cracked up to be. The beginning of fame and glory feels so good as if no one can take away your shine. Many people wish upon a falling star to make their dreams come true, not knowing the control of your dreams depends on you. You control your destiny.

During the very beginning of the song is where Lil Sin is representing the icon of a falling star in a figurative manner. He is the falling star many people wish upon a make their dreams come true. When day breaks, Lil Sin hides as he doesn’t want people to see the real person that he is. The unhappiness and stress that drowns him so deep.

Now at the beginning…
He prays to be a falling star. His shine wasn’t going far. Lil Sin makes it all clear he does not like being him. His mind wants to be free, but the misery of Lil Sin not being him is killing him. Lil Sin wishes to be set free like a bird in a cage.

Lil Sin expresses his desire of wanting to be set free in the following verse with these lyrics.:

my mind wanna be free
but the misery of me not being me is killing me
I wanna be set free
like a bird in a cage
please let me turn to the page to another chapter with laughter
and my heart feels like a normal thing

He’s tired of the bright lights of the sun. He just wants to rest now as a star. It’s busy up in the sky and people won’t let him lay down. If he could give it all back. He wishes he would have done that, but Lil Sin chose to be a star in the sky and he can’t turn back. There’s too much pressure here. The fame increases every year.

Along with the happiness comes sadness. A face full of tears. All people see is the shine. They never seen a star cry. Lil Sin wonders why his soul is dying. He just wants to leave the sky. A star starts to twinkle now. At this point all the brightness starts to fade away. Brightness fades away every day. Do you still be live in a falling star? So many people are deceived by a falling star to make their wishes come true.

Lil Sin was drowning in misery. His life was feeling incomplete. Lil Sin wants to go back to Earth as his family needs him. Lil Sin’s a shooting star now that is glad to reach solid ground. Everything is normal now. He is now comfortable. All of the fame is gone. Everything went wrong on the words to his last song.

He is here to live life now. Raise children and love people. He wants to quit doing music but he doesn’t how. He took a long 8 year break from doing music. Lil Sin was trying to run from it. Overall he has done too many shows now. Too may flows now. Nothing makes sense to him.

All of the fame is gone as Lil Sin is back to working a normal job. He’s known to work very hard. As Lil Sin puts it, “I just wanna be me.” Now that Lil Sin’s a fallen star, you can make a wish on him.

Fans don’t see the stress of being a star. All stars aren’t blessed. Stars never get rest. Can you handle a busy schedule? Can you deal with a lot of people every day?

Come On Man is a rap song filled with trap beats over the new school rap sound very much similar to the drill music coming from Chicago. Trap beats meet the sound of southern rap on Come On Man. The sound coming from this song is very futuristic considering it was recorded in 2013. The song was produced by Bolo Kirk of Dirt Music.

Come On Man is about the bragging rights of Lil Sin. It represents his status in the music game. Lil Sin did a song with Pimp C and Bun B of UGK. In fact, Lil Sin has done many songs with Houston rap artists and Port Arthur rap artists. He’s been doing music for a long time now.

Long Road is about the uncertainty of where Lil Sin wants to go in life in terms of direction. Lil Sin searches for directions of where to go in life in this song.

Long Road has an angelic piano selection to fit the mood of uncertainty of life. Its piano used has a delicate sound and fits into the harmonics. This song uses a wide variety of instruments such as a delicate grand piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, xylophone, and a beat machine. The bass is set a pitch of 33Hz.

Lil Sin appears to be lost. He asks God to take control of steering his life by figuratively controlling the steering wheel of his life. “Lead me where you want me to go.” is what Lil Sin tells God. He’s ready and tired of being lost in life.

His mission is to find peace as he has been dealing with the devil too long. His life is strange than any normal man. Lil Sin carries burdens and pain. He’s a warrior in God’s name. He’s looking forward to ease pain and rise again. He feels alive again.

Lil Sin sees blessing that he never had such as a family who loves him. That’s something that you cannot buy with cash.

God chooses his angels by using time and order. Lil Sin can’t wait until he crosses that border of becoming one of God’s chosen angels. He will greet God with arms open wide. Tears of joy will flow through his eyes.

Lil Sin explains that he is lost on the road of life during the chorus.:
I’m lost on this long road
I’m searching for a way to go

He used pace back and forth in this world of lost souls. This long road and hard journey is hard to take control of or take control over. It’s hard to take control when your life has no destination or destiny. You live in moments of whatever happens that you learn to take it. No foundation is heartbreaking.

At first his vision was kind of blurry. Now he sees clearly. His life is good and he’s living free. Nothing but family and homies. Ain’t got no enemies.

Leave Me Alone is about Lil Sin’s experience in the music industry. The mood for the song Leave Me Alone is quite mournful. The song has a soul sampled used.

Lil Sin has experienced the fame, fortune, greed, lust, and betrayal in the music industry. He’s suffered enough. The road has been rough since the first day of his career. He has been independent since the beginning. Day by day, poster by poster. Fans get closer.

He gave the music industry everything he had including his love and blood. Lil Sin fell in love with music at first sight. He thought he would never leave. In the middle of the song is where Lil Sin claims music to be downfall. He left his children to take long trips and tour across the world.

Life Matters is a song where Lil Sin expresses the desire to change as a human being. Lil Sin expresses the desire and will to change Now life matters. Make the change that is necessary when life matters. The concept and message of this song is that all life matters.

Lil Sin expresses the desire and will to change in these lyrics. Read the words to his lyrics below.

Now life matters
Now I must do and must be willing
To do the change that is necessary
I must be willing to change
Make the change that is necessary when life does matter

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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