Review: BHC ‎– Openin’ Doors

BHC ‎– Openin’ Doors was one of the best San Antonio rap album from 1997 that unfortunately got very much overlooked and became an under-appreciated classic. BHC made some noise in San Antonio back in the day with this debut album of theirs. The album had spawned local hits such as B.I.G.H.O.U.S.E., This Game, Down And Dirty, Let ‘Em Know, and Pimp Swangin among other songs they had recorded. OG Tear Drop and Bo-Leg are what made this album a San Antonio legacy and hood classic. Southern rap meets gangsta rap and hardcore lyricism on this album. BHC is Big House Click.

Now the album’s artwork was designed by graphic design firm Pen N Pixel during the beginning of the bling era. Font used for the album title located at the very bottom was Impact in white bold letters in all capital letters. Those big white bold letters are what made the album cover iconic and eye-grabbing. That lady on the album cover is the homegirl Bo-Leg.

The album was produced by Donerick Rainey, Michael “Mykill” Ellison, and Rocc Lewis. Now Rocc Lewis was ahead of his time with the production. He was ahead of everyone else in the game.

This group, Too Hard Too Hype, Lethal T and The Outcast, Tribe 46, and PKO should have blown up nationwide. They had the perfect sound at that time as they were ahead of the rest. BHC had talent.

B.I.G.H.O.U.S.E. was the BHC (Big House Click) anthem for 1997 and a hood single which soon enough got radio play on 96.1 FM Radio. B.I.G.H.O.U.S.E. became an instant hood classic. The song incorporated heavy hitting beats and a hardcore lyrical presence. Bo-Leg’s verse was the tightest.

BHC is giving up the funk for the fucking funk lovers. You busters better recognize that you are not above BHC. BHC are hustlers in the game of rapping and soldiers on these streets. They from the city where carjackings are commonplace. Big House meets at their big house for a 7 o’clock meeting tonight. They are getting down like LL Cool J.

Tear Drop’s weapon is a .357 Smith & Wesson. His weapon will teach you hoes a lesson if you ever try to fuck with him. You will lose your life if you ever try to fuck with him. If you put his trust in him, he will put you trust in you. Trust is a big thing in this game called life. Down for whatever. From selling drugs to prostitution is how he makes his cash even that is sinful.

Bo-Leg is coming up on this scene. Everyone better recognize. She is about to hit a lick (commit a robbery). She puts a chrome to your mother’s mouth. You don’t ever want to step to this click.

BHC lets you know this game is from them to you on the song This Game. The song is about staying true to your hustle and and handling your business. BHC made some noise with this posse cut back in the day.

This Game was another one their songs that became an instant hood classic. Tear Drop and the rest of BHC made this song a classic with their lyrics and rhymes. The song is laced with a sinister mischievous piano. The beats and piano section were definitely ahead the time.

Tear Drop drops the best lyrics that rhyme during the Verse 1 right at the very beginning. This is a classic style of rapping. That is how Tear Drop made this song a classic.

One, two, coming at you with a knockout flow
And I got more flow than the Mississippi River, hoe
And I stay on point like a needle you can get on these
The Big House Click
We got more mack than macaroni mixed with cheese
And little bitch, please
You don’t ever want to fuck with me, hoe
Because I’ve got more game than the game Nintendo 64

Tear Drop is also quick with the gunplay as he can pull out his gun quickly on anyone. That’s how quick he is with a gun.

Read these lyrics to gain a better understanding:

And fool, I’m quick when it comes down to this trigger, loc
Straight blasting on niggaz between they eyes like I’m on gun smoke
That’s that on the one
Really doe
You don’t ever want to step to this click

Tear Drop is having things like Big Mike by stacking his paper and keeping his ends with dividends. That’s what he likes. He’ll stay true to this game forever and not snitch to law enforcement. Because this game is from him to you.

This game is from me to you. No matter what type of hustle. You gotta get it while the getting is good. Never take no shorts or no losses. Never let them trash talk your hood. Don’t get this game misunderstood.

Duk Duk Goose is one of their darker more gangsta songs off the album. The song is about killing people. The song Duk Duk Goose in 1996.

Tear Drop talks about how his kinfolk got smoked on the 15th of January. Everybody was screaming suicide. That was everyone except Tear Drop and his family. They were not about to let that shit ride. It’s ride or die regardless of weather. Revenge is their mind. His mind if filled with a lot of grief.

Bo-Leg is a threat to your health. She hustles for her ends and doesn’t need anyone to pay her debt. She breaks us off some examples of this rap shit. That .9 chrome will placed against your fucking head. She blow anyone’s head off if they approach her or come her way. These snitching ass niggas believe they can get close to BHC. Caps get pealed if she has to. That is because can’t nobody fade Bo-Leg.

Openin’ Doors is another one of their classics which got overlooked unfortunately. This song became a hood classic instantly too. Mr. Lo goes round for round with his rhymes and lyrics on this BHC song. It’s a no holds barred type of song as he does not hold back. Him and BHC were opening doors with this song.

Mr. Lo’s rhymes are the tightest on this song. He goes pound for pound, round for round with his lyrics and premeditated flows. Now these are simplistic rhymes of course. Here are some examples below.

Here we go
Tippy toe
Silly hoes better get it down
Ready to clown
Look at my frown
Breaking off niggaz with a gang of sounds
Pound for pound, round for round
Look at me now
Don’t you hate it?
Premeditated flows in my mind

BHC lets niggas know about Texas and how things are down there on the song Lettin’ Nigga’s Know. Tear Drop rap throughout most of the song. The song is about killing people also.

Tear Drop is hitting switches in his ride on his block on the South Side of San Antonio. He is strapped with a .9 millimeter glock. Haters want to take his belongings. So he prepares himself to commit a 211 (robbery). He has to commit a 211 quick as his life depends on it. The Big House Click is too tight. He can’t have ends if he is constantly spending money. That’s how he is teaching game to his young g’s in San Antonio. Back in the day, Denver Heights was his favorite stomping grounds. He is straight kicking flows.

Tear Drop is working his way from the bottom to the top of the charts as he flexes his skills as a poet with his poetry. He just can’t wait to get back on the cuts. It’s all about that paper.

BHC can’t believe this. These snitching ass niggas believe they can get close to BHC. The song Down And Dirty explains how BHC keeps their distance from snitches by being down and dirty. Down And Dirty is another one of their classics which got overlooked unfortunately. The song is a classic jam off the Openin’ Doors album. The song is also a favorite among BHC fans.

Mr. Lo’s rhymes are the tightest on this song. His rhymes are used in the style of Twista during Verse 1. Here are some examples: “Crippin’ with the weed/Rolling with the speed” and “Playas with the heat/Fuck enemies”.

This rhyme is one of Mr. Lo’s tightest rhymes on Verse 1.

Bo-Leg is down
Lo’s finna clown
Take whatever you busters got
Yeah, I’ve done it
Took your nuggets
Rings and even your Rolex watch
Hopped out the spot
Shit’s getting hot

BHC can’t believe this. These snitching ass niggas believe they can get close to BHC. Do you believe that?

Mr. Lo is crippin’ with the weed and rolling with the speed. BHC are playas with the heat. Fuck enemies. The Hennessy has gone down fast. So realize who you’re fucking with. Bo-Leg is down and Mr. Lo is finna clown. Mr. Lo is going to take what ever you busters got. Yeah, he’s done it. He has taken your nuggets, your rings, and even your Rolex watch. Suddenly he hopped out of the spot as shit’s getting hot.

Mr. Lo fired up the erb. Him and his kinfolk are smoking erb on the curb. They head to the store for some Newport cigarettes in a Coupe. They use Newport cigarettes to calm their nerves. Fools talk shit. So it’s for Mr. Lo to clown them. He also kills people too. He kills people by doing a 187.

The song South Side copies a DJ Screw styled beat that appears to have been chopped and screwed. Overall the song follows the chopped and screwed sound & style. The entire song is dedicated to the South Side of San Antonio.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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