Review: Ruff Rider – Shaggy Ridims EP

The Ruff Rider – Shaggy Ridims EP has some of the roughest reggae rhythms in the history of reggae music. Electronic music meets reggae with a handful of hardcore breakbeats on the Shaggy Ridims EP. So expect to hear some thought tunes. The Ruff Rider – Shaggy Ridims EP is one of those releases that represents an experimental phase of the jungle drums n bass in the early 90s.

You And Me is a trippy techno reggae fusion song with a nauseous vocal sample over heavy beats, hardcore breakbeats, and lively loud chords. Those lively loud chords are what the song an edge of reggae.

Dance music meets the sounds of reggae music and electronic music on the song Dance Mutha. A handful of hardcore breakbeats are used all over the place next to some sick treble delayed chords. One has to wonder if these are garage house beats that are being used on the song. Dance Mutha is a real tough tune.

Drugged Culture uses some reggae style bass chords over fast paced hardcore breakbeats. You can feel the intensity as the song presses forward in duration.

Move Ya Bod is one of the more livelier tunes on the EP which uses louder and more higher quality production than all of the other songs. The song uses a tiresome yet catchy vocal sample which can be heard simultaneously all over the place.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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