September 24, 2023

Mo B. Dick – Gangsta Harmony is a No Limit Records album almost hardly anyone talks about. This was one of No Limit’s lesser known R&B soul albums which had a rough edge of street savviness. No Limit in-house producer Mo B. Dick provides those smooth soulful harmonies on the Gangsta Harmony album with his production and KLC’s. The album is filled with love ballads and slow jams for the ladies.

Mo B. Dick goes after this fine lady he has been attempting to get with since his high school days when he was in high school. That is the synopsis behind the song Picture U & Me.

Mo B. Dick has been digging on this fine lady since the 12th grade in high school. Back in the day he knew that it was meant to be. This fine lady was kind of shy and didn’t know what to say. She was a friend but she became part of Mo B. Dick.She turned Mo B. Dick on like a light. Times have changed now since Mo B. Dick is a grown man and is not a child anymore.

Mo B. Dick tells this fine lady he has been attempting to get with since his high school days this. “Girl, we been long on overdue for this right here, huh?” This fine lady tells him, “Yeah I know huh?” Mo B. Dick tells her it’s really going down by saying, “Yeah. It’s really bout to really go down, you know.” This fine lady tells Mo B. Dick that she really wants him. “It’s going down. Plus I’ve been wanting you. For real.”

It’s another crazy night in New Orleans. Picture Mo B. Dick and this fine lady in the back of a 1964 (64) Chevy Impala in the back seat smoking on some bud (marijuana). There are some freaky little things going on in his mind. He is not trying to make her rush. But picture Mo B. Dick and this fine lady making love sometime.

Mo B. Dick is on another level everyday since he is recording and producing music for Beats By The Pound for No Limit Records. That is how he is making money. Everybody knows his name thanks to Master P. There ain’t no limit to the things he can do for her because she has been down when he didn’t have a dime to his name and she was his partner in crime on these streets.t’s only right for them to do what they are supposed to do. They will ball until they fall.

All she has to do is promise that she will keep it real. Put that on everything. She’ll be his destiny. Think about it. There is total ecstasy in their relationship.

Could it B? is about Mo B. Dick falling in love again. An unknown songstress named Anita Thomas sings on the chorus.

Could it be Mo B. Dick is falling in love again? He got this feeling and he has felt it once before. Mo B. Dick is reminiscing on the time him and his lover, Peaches, used to wrestle on the floor. They would blow each other kisses in the dark. They are thinking about each other even though they are many miles apart.

Peaches has been thinking about the moments that they shared. She turns to embrace Mo B. Dick and she realize he’s not there. She sees his picture in the frame and hears his voice calling her name. So she spend time with them other guys. But their love is just not the same as his love.

Mo B. Dick calls Peaches every day to say how much he cares. He was there for Peaches when she needed him. Candle light dinners on the beach hand and hand. They watched the sunset. It’s happening again. Life is like a boomerang. hat you do always comes right back to you. But Mo B. Dick is willing to hook up again and make it like it used to be because he realizes she is the most important thing to him.

Got to Get Mine is a song for all the players worldwide trying to get and have things in life. So many people are shiesty to the point where you can’t trust no one. Mo B. Dick discusses how he himself wants his piece of the pie. It’s the American way. KLC speaks on the song also.

This one’s going out to all the players worldwide trying to have thangs. But looky here. Mo B. Dick is trying to have himself a little something in life. He ain’t depending on nobody. He is going out there and getting it himself, ya dig?

So many people are shiesty to the point where you can’t trust no one. Back in the day we were fighting, Today we’re packing guns to solve out problems. It’s just like crabs in a barrel in a dog eat dog world. People be killing each other. Mo B. Dick can’t go out like a sucker by using excuses because he is about making some money, vacations, and cruises. That’s why he has got to get his.

Mo B. Dick wants his piece of the pie. It’s the American way. That’s why he is constantly hustling because he is trying to get paid. He likes to ride in his Caddy (Cadillac) like a Down South Hustler. In other words it’s all about survival. And only the strong can survive. It always stays on his mind.

Because money is KLC’s cousin. That’s why fools get played by the dozen. He has to get his like you have to get yours. Now believe that there’s one way to do at it there. He’s gotta make this money. KLC can’t be flossin’. So don’t play him close. The greed in him wants it all. If there’s a will there’s a way to make it paper chase. Because the color of money doesn’t have a race.

Mo B. Dick is rollin’ over seas and is pushin’ 88 keys. Rollin’ on T’s and B’s with the Beats By The Pound as they are surrounded by sound. Mo B. Dick represents that Uptown where players hustle for a living, Get in where you fit in like you’re Shorty the Pimp.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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