Review: Lil Breazy – When It Rains It Pours

Lil Breazy – When It Rains It Pours album is extremely rare and is considered a collector’s item in Texas Rap and Austin Rap. The When It Rains It Pours album is so rare you won’t even find it online these days. You should buy this album if you already haven’t! It’s that good! This album is off the hook! When It Rains It Pours was Lil Breazy’s debut album.

It’s too bad that Lil Breazy’s career never took off. Austin Hip Hop/Rap always has gotten overlooked and still always gets overlooked by the general public and mainstream media. This album is not an exception either.

This album was released on Iced Down Records and Isolated Records in 2000. Check Yourself and Everybody’s Ballin’ are the singles.

Stay True is about staying true to yourself. By staying true to yourself you are sticking to your hustle. On this track, Lil Breazy stays true to himself. As stated earlier before by himself, Lil Breazy only represents the real.

Shake Or Be Shook features AL-G and Ajax of Sam Huston Boyz. TJ Music produced most of the track. TJ is known for his sound.

Let Me Look At You is fast uptempo soul rap song featuring Big Grind and Ajax of Sam Huston Boyz (Sam Houston Boyz). Staying paid is the only thing on Lil Breazy’s agenda. He’s click-clackin’ and stackin’ up money into his account. Lil Breazy only represents the real. On this track, Lil Breazy separates the real from the fake.

Everybody’s Ballin’ is the hit single for this album! This is one of those party on the boat dock at the top of the boat jams. This jam will make you want to get up and dance! This is the bomb!! A rockin’ Stapleton Sisters sample is used. This song had house parties in Austin rockin’ out back in 2002! Everybody’s Ballin’ had everyone partyin’ back in 2002. If you were educated and informed about the social scene and party scene here in Austin, Texas, you’d know about this song.

Mash 4 Skrilla is a very Lone Star Texan song. The country guitar on the high note gives out that Texas Country feel. Lil Breezy tells us on the brooding chorus lines that he’s not going to die being broke. Rap game or dope game he’s in it to win it. Lil Breazy’s a certified track killa. He kills on every track of his sophomore album. Mash 4 Skrilla is a country rap song.

Time 2 Shine showcases both Lil Breazy and ICE’s lyrical talent. You will love the vocoder used on Time 2 Shine. This song was so cold to the point whee both artists had the game on freeze. ICE was on ATV Recordz and Isolated Records.

Whoever told you G-Funk and Gangsta Rap was dead, they’re wrong! It just moved to the South. Listen to You Know How We Do It featuring Big Pokey from Wreckshop Records outta Houston, Texas! This is like a From Austin to Houston collaboration. It has that old 90s G-Funk sound.

Ain’t shit changed on Holdin’ Grain. Southside still holding grain as Big Moe, ESG, and Lil Breazy put it. ESG comes off real with his realist rhymin’. Big Moe does his soulful singing and chorus lines on the hooks as he usually did. Big Moe speaks upon how to hold grain and game while ESG speaks upon how to hold game. Holdin’ Grain is mostly about how shit hasn’t changed in the South. Everything’s still the same. ESG and Big Moe are a great combination.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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