Review: Kerri Chandler -‎ Ozone EP

Kerri Chandler’s‎ Ozone EP is one of the many EPs that slipped away from the public eye during the beginning of the 2010s. This EP is one of Kerri Chandler’s‎ electronic deep house releases that did not receive hardly any media attention or any reviews from music critics. It’s just the standard electronic music as is the case with many of his releases. One can expect to hear deep house sounds on this EP since Kerri Chandler produces electronic music. ‎

13 To 41 is a wicked song that is backed by a kick drum which follows a tempo of 122 BPM. The song uses the G♭ major key. Many people wonder how does Kerri get that kick. By practicing on the drum machine extensively and getting the timing right, Kerri gets that kick in the kick drum. That is how Kerri gets that kick. 13 To 41 samples Azymuth – Nothing will be as it was.

From Day One is a synth-driven song backed by medium rumbling bass with a deep house sound. The song follows the B major key.

My Moody Life has a deep lounge sound with the piano, synths, and electronic beats. Kerri must have been influenced by Moodyman when he produced this song. Because you can hear Moodyman’s style and deep house sound all over My Moody Life.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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