Review: Willett Klick – Willett Klick

Willett Klick – Willett Klick is one of the rarest and most sought after Memphis rap albums which was a demo recorded in 1995. The album had that dissonant gangsta rap edge which stayed relevant to the dark and grimey trademark sound of Memphis rap. This is evident on songs such as Fuck All Y´all, The Klick, Mind Over Matter, On A Mission, and Dumpin’ niggas up in ditches hold up as a testament to the dark grimey sound of Memhis.

The album only exists on cassette format. Willett Klick – Willett Klick is considered to be a lost album as not that many copies were pressed up. The album was released by/on Real Nigga Records in 1995 as an underground release which is why only friends and family have the album. Sadly not much is known about the Willett Klick. What is known about the Willett Klick is that the Willett Klick lived somewhere on Willett Street in the Glenview neighborhood.

Willett Klick came hard as fuck and versatile on Fuck All Y´all with their Southern drawl and twang. The song Fuck All Y´all serves as a “fuck you” to the haters. Their lyrics and beats are dope for an underground song. The song sounds very underground and is tight as fuck.

Fuck All Y´all was a song Willett Klick recorded with Tommy Wright III when they were signed to Real Nigga Records. DJ Squeeky introduced the world to Willett Klick on the album Tommy Wright III – On The Run in 1996.

Niggas try to fuck Willett Klick in the game but they ain’t going out like that. They all pack a gats loaded to the extreme. Niggas think they’re faking. Why don’t you test them and see what I mean? Because it’s kinda hard when you’re alone by the city streets. Suckers don’t speak if you’re weak knowing talk is cheap.

Stay about your hustle if you’re real when you’re clocking green. Shaking them bones shooting them tones and breaking a bitch with this scheme. They let busters in the game hang like a ropе. Talking shit makes them switch into O.J. and cut your throat.

Bitches on a mission. Suckers hate to see them ball. Don’t you journеy through their neighborhood. Fucking for cash and flicking your ass. The Willett Klick is known to whip a bitch good. Get on about your business if you like the fucking life you life. Fucking with this pimpin will have you limping or you might get killed. So weak about the game when your brain is blown out on the curve. When the smoke clears Willett Klick will be standing here. Willett Klick will be the only ones standing when the smoke clears.

Don’t be another victim of a homicide committed by the Willett Klick. Don’t fall victim to the nine blast when people are reminiscing over your ass. You suckers better get the picture.

The Willett Klick are low down niggas who approaches these busters nicely. They only care enough to kill your family. They’ll do anything to get you bitches killed. Everybody dies. Willett Klick don’t trust no motherfuckers because these suckers steady tredding. Willett Klick knows the end is coming. So they’ve got to get away from all these suckers.Feel the change and the range of those psychopaths. You bitches feel the pain. The Willett Klick is known for damaging leaving these bitches full of slugs.

Busters are flodging and dodging all of their bullets. Suckers running Willett Klick’s gunning down motherfuckers. They are blasting bitches, taking riches, and dumping bodies off in ditches. They are breaking niggas off with this bloody glock. Whoop you bad with this thang. Now you need some fucking stitches. Tell this stupid shit to their nines. Ratatata on your ass. They keep the sawed off right between your eyes. Damn right you die tonight.

Riding with some killers with the niggas ain’t take no shit. Pumping out these hollow clips. So come into their world where hustlers, pimps, and hoes can’t stand a chance.

The Willett Klick is dumping bodies off in ditches in Dumpin’ niggas up in ditches. Dumpin’ niggas up in ditches is an example of gangsta rap that was popular with the Memphis underground during the 1990s.

The Willett Klick thinks about the bitches they have killed. They are pumped up full of drugs at this point. Clearly they might try to do a hit. Thinking about death is what they are focused on. Them bitches gonna die today. And so will 3 other silly suckers. Their lives will be taken. They were ones that Willett Klick caught slipping off guard while walking from the corner store. Willett Klick handled business. Willett Klick bucked on the fool with the glock pointed to his head. The fool knew that he was dead. One gone and two to go. They gotta find that other hoe. There’s gonna be more bodies in the ditch. Bitch, I thought you knew!

[Verse 2]
Woke up in the late at night, toss n turnin’ in my sleep
Thinking bout them bitches, mayne, If I’m caught, they after me
So I get my 9, cuz I might try to do a hit
Full of drugs, on the flow, this point I don’t need no friends
By myself
Thinkin’ death, them bitches they gonna die
And 3 other silly suckas, I’ma take they fuckin’ life
They the ones, caught ’em slippin’ walkin’ from the corner store
We handled business, cocked the Glock, time to do it, hoe
We bucked on the fool with the glizz Glock pointed to his head
I looked him dead in his eyes, the kid knew that he was dead
One gone, two to go
I gotta find that other hoe
There’s gonna be more bodies in the ditch, bitch I thought you know!

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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