Review: J. Valentine – J. Valentine

The J. Valentine – J. Valentine solo album is a gangsta rap meets R&B/soul. His intoxicating voice is considered to be chart-topping artist smooth. That is how smooth his voice and vocals are really considered to be. That gorgeous high pitched voice that goes well with the beats. Feels So Good, Niggaz Nature, Can’t Let U Pass My By, Shy, and Do What It Do are some examples.

The J. Valentine – J. Valentine solo album was one of Death Row Records lesser known unreleased albums which did not get promoted as much or hardly receive any attention. That is because the album was never released. J. Valentine had an album due out on Death Row Records that never materialized for obvious reasons of course.

He had a record deal with Death Row Records when he was 27 years old in 2000. Suge Knight’s plan was to mold J-Valentine as one of the young gangsta rappers along with Crooked I, Top Dogg, K9, Doobie, and Tha Realist. However J. Valentine’s plan was to appeal to young audiences and girls since he was about doing songs for women. He never wanted to be a gangsta rapper. Rather than be a flashy artist, Valentine sings about things that the average fan can relate to, from going to the mall to the type of girl he’s looking for. However him and Sage had disagreements about the direction of the album. So the album was never released to disagreements in musical direction and style of music.

Here is how J. Valentine described his Death Row album,

“I’m not going to sing about anything that I don’t live. I’m not about flossing because in my neighborhood people don’t have that. That’s something that I think that helps me when I’m writing, I’m not going to lie to myself. My songs are really about living the young life. People aren’t loving to be young any more. I’m for the girls. I’m about doing songs for women. If a man buys my record, I want to give him things to say to women to make them feel good. I do music for the neighborhood girls. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about women.”

An advertisement for the J. Valentine solo album appeared in the COMING SOON section of the 2001 album 2Pac – Until The End Of Time.

J. Valentine is Johnny Valentine. San Fransisco Johnny Valentine came from the R&B/soul quartet The Newtrons, which were his brothers. He was already an R&B crooner and a background vocalist. J. Valentine has worked on several 2Pac tracks. He’s provided vocals to Hell 4 A Hustla for the Still I Rise album, Thug Nature for the Too Gangsta For Radio album, and When I Get Free for the Until The End of Time album.

Niggaz Nature (Thug Nature) was a song 2Pac (Tupac) and J. Valentine recorded for the J. Valentine solo album. This was the original version with J. Valentine on it and not the remix. Michael Jackson sings the chorus with J. Valentine.

Suge Knight ended up putting the original version of Niggaz Nature (Thug Nature) out on an album called Too Gangsta For Radio which didn’t get a lot of attention. Unfortunately Too Gangsta For Radio came out when Suge was in jail so nobody was there to promote the album properly. That was one of 2Pac’s biggest loses as well for the label. That song could have made into a big single.

The song Do What It Do with Tha Realist one of the hardest songs recorded for the album which was later used on the 2009 album Tha Realist – Witness Tha Realest. The album had a fast paced braggadocious lyrical twist. Tha Realist was on some old Tung Twista type and was so fly.

Feels So Good is one of those love songs about reaching good loving and pleasure. Both physically and mentally. J. Valentine explains that it’s good to receive love both mentally and physically. Clearly J. Valentine was on that fly R&B/soul type shit when he wrote and recorded this song for his solo album.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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