Review: D-Unity ‎– The Bakongo EP

D-Unity ‎– The Bakongo EP is a tribal techno house EP filled with 2 electronic songs. This EP was released as a digital download in MP3 format and .WAV by Yoshitoshi Recordings in 2009.

The beats used in the songs for this EP are rather light and too soft. Sometimes filtered beats aren’t the best to be used. Longevity is also what this EP is lacking since there are only 2 songs. Longevity and soft light beats are the downside to this EP unfortunately. There is not much hostility in the beats or chords either. However the sounds of tribal house leave much to be desired as this EP will take you back to those good old tribal days. Samburu is the highlight for this EP overall.

Soft light techno styled tribal beats are used in the beginning of Bakongo. Those techno styled tribal beats you hear are actually electronically processed congas. The buildups in the song are around 0:50, 1:04, and 1:05. BPM for this song quickly transitions from 114 BPM to 127 BPM at the 1:05 mark. Bakongo uses a combination of tribal house and techno house. You rarely hear tribal songs these days. The song is perfect for a rave party.

You rarely hear tribal songs such as Samburu these days. This song will take you back to the good old days of when tribal house ruled the electronic music scene back in the 1990s and 2000s. Think about those good old tribal days. Afrocentric percussion such as bongos and congas are used. Samburu uses African chanting as well.

I rate this EP 2/5**.

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