Review: Extra Prolific ‎– 2 For 15

Extra Prolific ‎– 2 For 15 is a timeless classic from the Bay Area of California. This album is a jazz hop album where jazz meets hip hop and rap. Only 500 copies of this album were pressed. All the Extra Prolific cassettes are considered to be extremely rare. The average price for this album when it sold online is $150 dollars. These days this Extra Prolific album is considered a collectable.

The only downsides are the album not being mixed and mastered properly. For some reason all of the songs center more to the left channel of the speakers instead of being equally balanced on a 50/50 scale. The vocals are set to mono instead of stereo.

Act/You A Fool is a jazz hop song where jazz meets hip hop. Act/You A Fool uses a looped jazz sample which consists of a horn selection and drum kits. The song is mostly horn driven. Extra Prolific fans refer to the song Act/You A Fool as a timeless classic.

Skimask & A Mic is an Extra Prolific freestyle. His raps are as smooth as ever. His flows are smooth. The incredible beat was produced by A-Plus.

Extra Prolific does a bit of soul searching on the song Searching. Searching is regarded as a masterpiece of a classic by Extra Prolific fans. He spits one of his realest verses on this song. “Tried soul searching but I don’t trust the seeker”

The beat is hard and his flows are ill on Jump On It. It’s some smooth gangsta shit.

Critics (Oh My!) is a ‘fuck you’ to the editors who are music critics. He calls out critics in this songs. His writing skills are better than any editors out there. So are his rhymes. He provoked by those critics who are biased in reporting their news. The critics just don’t get it. Extra Pro believes criticism from critics is based on the popularity contest model. Be real. Music is something you feel.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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