Review: Mia X – Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion

Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion showcased the raw sista side of Mia X which was written from a sista’s point of view and perspective. Mia X shares her experience about womanhood in form of rap. Tales of conflict and tales of confusion are told. It’s also about dealing with pain during the struggle of life. For those who don’t know, Sista Stories picks up where Unladylike left off which is what Mia X intended. In fact, Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion revisits Unladylike in a more explicit manner. Mia X displayed some of the rawest content on her 1999 album.

Original album cover of Mia X – Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion.

This No Limit album is different as there are not as many radio friendly tracks on this album. Only 3 of the 17 tracks that were on this album are radio friendly. Mia X decided to take a more darker explicit approach when recording this album. While the album seems to have a Burlesque theme, Mia X might have been inspired by R. Kelly during the time. She brought out that raw uncut hip hop sound with this album backed with a tinge of R&B/soul. There are several cover songs which Mia X covers such as Cover Girls – Show Me and Betty Wright – After The Pain. Those are some examples of the covers songs on this Mia X.

Mia X collaborated with many artists who weren’t on No Limit. She had been working with a whole lot of producers for the Concept Conflict & Confusion album. Master P financed the album by paying for production costs, advertisements, and promotion. He was responsible for putting money into the album. P pulled out the big guns on this one.

The Mia X – Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion album was scheduled to be released on the date of November 16, 1999. However Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion did not get an official release and the album remains unreleased in physical format to this day.

Advertisement showing the release date of Mia X – Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion

A few promo copies were pressed up for record company executives, DJs, and radio stations for review instead. However a lot of songs from this album had leaked about 10 years ago as Mia X herself leaked songs from her old twitter account in 2007.

The album cover was designed by the legendary graphic design firm known as Pen N Pixel. They designed her album cover in 1998. The cover of her 1999 album was a yellow gradient colored background.

Original album cover of Mia X – Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion.

Now her album cover was redesigned in 2002 by a different graphic design firm called Alexander Studios & Relic. They had used a more grayscale color scheme using a monochromatic silver which looks good on a book or novel. Alexander Studios & Relic had dropped “Concept Conflict & Confusion” from the album title which led the album to be simply retitled to Mia X – Sista Stories. This album cover was advertised in Billboard Magazine in 2002.

2002 album cover for Mia X – Sista Stories.
Mia X – Sista Stories was one of many of No Limit’s albums which was advertised in Billboard Magazine in 2002.

Here are the reasons why the Mia X – Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion album was never released.

One of the main reasons why this album was never released was due to family drama and personal issues. Mia X had lost both her parents Her parents health conditions worsened due to illness along with aging. These personal issues and family drama led her to leave the label and take care of her family for around 4 years. She needed to take some time and heal emotionally. That is why Mia X went on hiatus from the music industry.

A lack of charting singles was the other reason why this album was never released. Mia X did not promote any singles for the album that were charting. In fact she barely promoted the album at all despite Master P advertising her Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion album in nearly every No Limit album release during the late 1990s.

Her intentionally leaking songs recorded for the Sista Stories Concept Conflict & Confusion album on her twitter account to her fans is another reason why the album was never released. Mia X leaked songs from her old twitter account back in 2007. Now Mia X does have the album in her possession and does have the rights to release the album. That choice is her alone.

Forgive Me is about Mia X’s experience about womanhood along with her point of view and perspective on womanhood. There is often conflict and confusion that comes with womanhood. XL did a wonderful job producing the song.

The Feel Good Song has an upbeat reggae vibe to it. The piano used in this song helps give the mood an upbeat reggae vibe. The song is dedicated to family and friends. The song also sheds light on enjoying the company of your favorite people you love and cherish. The Feel Good Song was produced by KLC and O’Dell.

Somethin New featured Devin The Dude and No Limit Top Dog Snoop Dogg when he was in his prime. Somethin New was a funky smooth cut with the loopy Devin The Dude to add in with the quirkiness. Both Devin The Dude and Mia X went hard on the mic. The undisputed Queen of the South never loses her step.

Hip Hop 101 features Mia and KRS-One on a track together. You know that Mia X and KRS-One on a track sure to be fire. Pure fire with lyricism and hip hop. This is real hip hop! You will wonder why she didn’t drop this as a single. It’s a shame this wasn’t ever officially released.

Mia X did a remake of the 1987 Cover Girls hit Show Me. Show Me was one of the 3 radio friendly tracks that were on the album. The remake is filled with rawness as Master P lent a hand in production of course. Mia X did a good job.

The 1999 version of I’ll Take Ur Man is a reprise which revisits I’ll Take Ur Man ’97. The track uses a fusion of funk incorporated with rap and soul. Those heavy guitars and synthesizers represent the funk portion of I’ll Take Ur Man.

Mia X is back and she came to out rap. Once Mia X is on the mic, you better think twice because this bitch ain’t no joke. So get out her face before she smack you hoes. Respect who she is because if you mess with her, she will take your man. She will make him do the shit for her that he never did before. So don’t be shocked when you see them together.

Go head roll your eyes and talk some shit. But you ain’t bad enough to get em up with this bitch. Mia X couldn’t take your man unless he’s ready to go.

You know what’s up. Mia X is all about chin checks. Mia X will take your man regardless of whether he is your fiancé or your husband. So all you fake bitch better not play Mia X close. You know who she is. You got to deal with this drama. It’s not a bet or a threat. It’s a promise.

Mia X sent him back with the news that he’s pussy-whipped and is packing all his shit You thought you had that locked. But now Mia X push his Lex truck up and down the block. Cheddar knots and ice rocks from those shopping sprees just after one night. Now you know of course Mia X has boss skills in the bed. The biggest mamma is sill running the show. Her legs spread a quarter to 3 AM. She has got your man on a mission body until a quarter to 4 AM.

Look at you face. the jealousy’s showing Don’t player hate. Get your shit tight. Once Mia X is on the mic, you better think twice because this bitch ain’t no joke. She flows so unladylike. She’ll stomp your ass like a southern cockroach.

She’ll take your man out of spite because you are amongst many bitches that she does not like. Mia X is only doing it to get up under your skin. Mia X is the hoe who spoiled your wedding plan. She will take your man, your husband, and your fiancé.

The feelings that he had for you are forgotten while she is plotting on the Swiss and the cheddar. He can spoil Mia X rotten with the things he can do for her. Not just talking. Mia X is that clever bitch in any type of weather. He’s got his mind got his money and got his face in her pussy. She will ride him like a pony. His dick don’t get hard for you.

You got a headache blowing up his pager trying to plead your case. Too late. You are x’d out. It’s best you understand you ain’t shit no more.

Most broads have men that love to hold. You be at her show on the very first row. Mia X flipped the script and macked his game plan. Tricking all this cream. The big momma is with Macho Man. It’s so easy to get involved with this sister as her game is cool. Her pussy be the bomb. It’s non-speculation. Revenge is sweet but payback’s a trip. Dumb bitch, you won’t know which is which. Don’t try and step to this jam. Because if you do, Mia X will take your man and break him.

Mia X is back and I came to out rap
You so, get out my face before I smack you hoe
Yeah you know respect who I am
‘Cause if you mess with me I’ll take ya man

Well I’ll take ya man right out your crib
And make him do the shit for me that he never did
So when you see us together perfing in the place
Super shocked, got the dick look on your face
Go head roll your eyes, talk some shit
But you ain’t bad enough to get em up with this bitch
Now you can call me a raw man stealing hoe
But I couldn’t take you nigga unless he’s ready to go
You know what’s up
I’m all about chin checks

Like you fucked the rest of your crew
Them hoes getting somewhere when I starts to shoot
I gives a damn
You know who I am
Fake bitch don’t play me close
‘Cause I’ll take yo man

I’ll take yo man
Ya fiancee your husband
The niggaz you sweating and all your fuck friends
And when I say I will you know I can
Don’t fuck with me
‘Cause I’ll take yo man

I’ll take yo man and bitch you got to deal with this
Its not a bet or a threat
Its a damn promise
From me to you
Think you the shit
I send him back with the news that he’s pussy whipped
And packing all his shit
You thought you had that locked
But now I push his Lex truck up and down the block
Cheddar knots, ice rocks, hands get frost bite
Shopping sprees to Loisviller after just one night
Nothing nice, boss skills in the be -e-d
Close your shop once my legs spread a quarter to three
The biggest Mama sippin Mo
Still running the show

After The Pain is a remake of the Betty Wright song After The Pain. This version is cover song laced over updated beats produced by KLC with a fresh new sound. This is soul rap with a modern touch. The undisputed Queen of the South never loses her step. Mia X tells us that there is life after the pain. After The Pain is track 14 of 17 on the album.

Betty Wright started off the song by telling Mia X, “Well, Mia. I couldn’t resist the urge after talking to you about us hooking up and doing something. So go ahead and tell them, girl. There’s life after the pain.”

Her cover of Betty Wright – After The Pain has some of the lyrics that were sued and sung in the original version.

One example is at the 0:49 mark.

After the pain, you come and love me
And I welcome you, you’re a glad sight to see
And after the rain and all that I have been through
I still can’t explain how I can still love you like I do
But I do, yes, I do
Still love you like I do
(After the pain)
Boy you still do me like you do

Another example is at the 3:55 mark.

Don’t blame Mr. Charlie, Mr. Charlie is just a man
And he’s doing the best he can
I heard ’em say, “Don’t blame Mr. Charlie, Mr. Charlie is just a man and he’s doing the best he can.”
That’s what I heard him say

I rate this album 4/5****!

Review: C-Murder – Trapped In Crime

Trapped In Crime by C-Murder deals with insanity inside urban communities. The environmental elements that lead to the insanity inside urban communities are crime, sex, pollution, drugs, and violence. Being trapped in a life of crime is a vicious cycle. Gangsta rap at its finest from No Limit Records during their prime.

Concrete Jungle deals with insanity of being in an urban community with the crime, drugs, and violence. All of those environmental elements led to the insanity inside urban communities. It’s mostly lower income areas that deal with this drama. Take note of the Marvin Gaye and Grandmaster Flash samples. It’s like a concrete jungle sometimes I wonder how it keeps me from going under.

C-Murder stayed true on Forever TRU by sticking to his New Orleans, Louisiana gumbo roots of bounce music and gangsta rap. C-Murder is staying TRU and being down for his crown.

Trapped In Crime with insanity inside urban communities. The environmental elements that lead to the insanity inside urban communities are crime, sex, pollution, drugs, and violence. Being trapped in a life of crime is a vicious cycle.

Not too many people know this but when C-Murder had released “Down 4 My Niggaz” as his lead single from Trapped In Crime, KLC’s name was replaced with XL and Carlos Stephens in the credits and liner notes. That is why XL and Carlos Stephens got credit for producing the song Down 4 My Niggaz instead of KLC. So it was KLC, XL, and Carlos Stephens who produced Down 4 My Niggaz despite KLC having produced the song first. Ironically enough KLC was shouted out in the lyrics and was credited as the sole producer of the song when it first appeared on Snoop’s No Limit Top Dogg album.

To all the No Limit fans that got the promo CD edition of C-Murder – Trapped In Crime (#50083), The promo CD contains the unreleased tracks Uptown Thing, the original version of What You Bout with a different beat and the complete version of Thug In Yo Life which includes C-Murder’s 2nd verse that was removed from the retail album.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Kool Daddy Fresh – Plottin

Kool Daddy Fresh – Plottin is a very overlooked album from Nashville rap which dropped in the 90s. Kool Daddy Fresh is on point with this album. Everything from sex rap to gangsta rap is what you can expect to hear on this album.

I wish I had a Key expresses Kool Daddy Fresh’s desires to live lavishly. Living on the wrong side of the law comes with the territory of living lavishly. He ain’t down with being broke. True words from an underrated rapper coming from the South. The only downsides of this song are his vocals being overlapped by the instrumentation and the low volume. I wish I had a Key samples Art of Noise – Moments in Love.

Fresh Jawbreaker is a jovial song about candy in a hip hop/rap fashion. Notice the ultra-thick heavy bass, sines, and SP1200 beats. The hip hop candy shop is where you will find Kool Daddy Fresh and Pistol. The hip hop candy is selling a special on jawbreakers. 10 jawbreakers for $1 dollar is the special. All shapes, sizes, and colors. Jawbreakers taste sweet when insert them into your mouth. The hip hop candy shop is posted up on the block.

Petty Hoes is a song aimed to them triflin’ ass hoes out there. The song is laced with a funky piano backing. What makes a nigga want to break up with a hoe? Many things.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

Review: Shawty Pimp – Comin’ Real Wit It

Shawty Pimp came real with it with his slick yet esoteric pimp raps on his 1995 Comin’ Real Wit It. He brings out the best in Memphis pimp rap on songs such as Kickin’ Pimpin’ and Play No Playa. While you got your average Memphis rap songs such as Gotta Make A Killin, My 9 Glock, and One Mean Stain. Despite any shortcomings or flaws, Comin’ Real Wit It is certainly a Memphis classic which does not get the respect or recognition truly deserved.

Shawty Pimp and Reddog break us off something proper with their classic witty lyrics on Break You Off. Reddog picks up from where he left off on Break You Off. And can’t nobody but the big boys dig this shit. You know what I’m saying? They’re gonna kick some pimpin’ for you niggas out there. And for you pimpin’ ass niggas out there.

Shawty Pimp raps the repetitive and catchy lyrics to the hook. Repetitive catchy hooks are common in Memphis rap songs.

Loced out, pistol grip in the trunk, stunt blunt
Got me doing some stupid shit, monkey bitches make me click
Loced out, pistol grip in the trunk, stunt blunt
Got me doing some stupid shit, monkey bitches make me click
Loced out, pistol grip, loced out, pistol grip
Loced out, pistol grip, loced out, pistol grip
Loced out, pistol grip in the trunk, stunt blunt
Got me doing some stupid shit, monkey bitches make me click

Reddog is on the track, booming crack. He puts the gat to your back. Fuck you now with no love. Niggas is constantly catching slugs. He’s all loced out with the pistol grip in the trunk.

Reddog kicks off Verse 1 with some slick esoteric pimp rap. Read these lyrics here for instance.:

Claiming you the shit bitch, now you in the fucking clique
Trick did I give you permission to off the mouth with that fucking bullshit?
Down these bitches killing me, talking bout some twelve play
Pull my shit out on that bitch, fucking grind on this dick
You can be my private hoe and I can be your private teacher
Get your ass out there and make my ends, I come right back and meet you
Collect up all my shit ’cause a nigga known I pimp these hoes
Coming clean with the bow, chargin’ hoe, that’s how it go

Mane, Reddog don’t give a fuck about these motherfucking hoes. He is too busy to be caring about them hoes as he is busting heads and breaking necks. He don’t have time to be putting them in check.

Why is Reddog so real? Because he is just so trill and is on some gangster shit. Nigga you better know the deal, ’cause a bitch will try to steal. That is just life in the prostitution game.

These lyrics use an esoteric punch where pronouns are used.

‘Cause it really don’t make me run ’cause I’ve had my fucking gun
In my pants, on my hand, raining bullets, feeling like Superman
Through the air, you never know, when them things might hit you, hoe
On the shit, as I click, feed a bitch really quick
Party too thick for you trick, nigga they breaking you off something, bitch

Reddog uses even more violent and esoteric lyrics in Verse 2. Read the words and lyrics to Verse 2 here for instance.:

Sipping up on some Alize, better get out my fucking face
Watch me rip out my shit, Tec-9 bitch to your dick
Chop you up like Jeffrey Dahmer, kill your ass just for fun
Just like my nigga Koopsta Knicca, lend me your fucking body no
Then I fucked ’em in they fucking car
Then you know I pull out my 98 Glock on that bullshit

Shawty Pimp uses his slick yet esoteric pimp raps on Kickin’ Pimpin’. That is what makes this song of his an undeniable classic yet an under-appreciated Memphis rap classic. Can’t nobody but the big boys dig this shit. You know what I’m saying? They’re gonna kick some pimpin’ for you niggas out there ’cause it ain’t gonna never die. And for you pimpin’ ass niggas out there.

Shawty Pimp is just smoking sacks and drinking yak with Mista K and Reddog. He is kickin’ back like a man. Some niggas are all around their motherfucking hall. Killing when they get them bitches on that motherfucking track.

Riding in the Cutlass thing, sweating up on them bitches, mane. See you gotta understand that this is just a pimping game. Shawty Pimp gotta play the bill ’cause a real nigga is trill. Booming yay so you know a true ass nigga making bills. Best believe Shawty Pimp is nevеr falling short.

Niggas be getting into that gangster shit too much. So Shawty Pimp keeps it at a pimping level with his game and hustle. All while making cash everyday. Bitches on his dick. Why them niggas keep on talking shit? Laid back, kickin’, straight up pimpin’.

One Mean Stain deals with being trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. Shawty Pimp is trapped. One Mean Stain relies heavily on the sample of Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

Shawty Pimp has a lot on his mind as he is trying think of what to do. Shawty Pimp is broke as a motherfucker. There ain’t no money coming through. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks. He has think of a plan before he kills the next man. With a Glock in hand, he’s a wild man caught up in this life of crime. Shawty Pimp is about to get this man. Shawty Pimp has been trailing his ass for fifteen minutes. He waits in the driveway. The driveway leads up to a big ass house in Germantown. He took his dope and money too ’cause that’s what a pimp is supposed to do. He also took his wedding ring. A nigga known for everything.

Shawty Pimp is now out looking for more hoes to trick. So I pulled out his .44, rushed the door, and threw them down.

Play No Playa is quite a harmonic rhythmic gangsta rap/pimp rap song which samples Anita Baker – Whatever It Takes. You can’t play no playa. You busters better recognize.

Shawty Pimp and Reddog are in the middle of this dope game. Reddog’s on the motherfucking set in the campaign. ‘Cause a nigga know it’s you, automatic weapon fool. You might try to kill him in and assassination attempt but he ends up killing you instead. That is what the lyrics “You might try to kill me, in attempts I end up killing you” mean.

Bodies have been buried in the ground. You hoes that are talking shit can suck his dick. Shawty Pimp is cool and straight legit.

Shawty Pimp and Reddog explain how they execute their pimp game in these lyrics below.

Bеtter make my money hoе, if you know what’s best for you
If you wanna keep your life, I suggest I keep on pimping you
Mane I’m getting richer from these hoes while my cash flow
Living like a, that’s whatever you call it, I’m born it hoe

‘Cause you know the shit I kick, pimping keeps my pockets thick
On you funky, shady bitches, having you hoes clock all my riches
Just because I dog on hoes, maybe even slap a hoe

Shawty Pimp just let us know that you cannot play a playa. He breaks down game to you lames and you busters. Beware as he is breaking wimps and breaking simps. To a player in the hood, cracking dollars in the street, stay clocking them dollars. Don’t weaponize a player when he’s standing in your face, bitch. Him and Shawty Pimp making these hoes pay what they weigh. Living day by day. Sipping on that E & J.

I rate this album 4/5****!

Review: Z-Ro – Let The Truth Be Told

This album isn’t emotional and heavy as his 2004 album was. However Z-Ro manages somehow to go deep on the songs of this album. Z-Ro has a real good singing voice for the hooks. I can agree to a point that The production value is a lot better but for the more part is the same and his 2004 album. The mood of this album was mellow by Rap-A-Lot standards.

And by fan standards if I might add at that. Z-Ro has the tightest rhymes out of H-Town next to Lil Flip. I enjoy his smooth delivery. His flow makes the album favorable and easy to listen to. The artwork is extremely superb! The highlights for the artwork really stand out. Real then you recognize real. Ya’ll stop buying rap that is garbage and pick up a real album.

Mo City Don is the best freestyle track that Rap-A-Lot has put together so far. Z-Ro flows off good on here. Respect My Mind is a slow trance dance type of track. Juvenile brings a slow clever, heavy solid hook on The Mule. Platinum is a professionally produced track. Platinum is about the game. I can’t even put words into 1 Night.

I rate this album 5/5****!!

Review: Lil Romeo – Lil Romeo European CD sampler

The Lil Romeo – Lil Romeo European CD sampler was a compact disc sampler for Lil Romeo’s self-titled album and debut album in 2001. The album was given and passed around to Virgin branches located in European countries such as France, Belgium, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Germany. But the Lil Romeo European CD sampler was most passed around in France.

The front cover of the Lil Romeo European CD sampler from France.

The Lil Romeo European CD sampler has the words “Echantillon Promotionnel Interdit A La Vente” on the label sticker. This CD sampler was issued in a standard jewel case with front insert with a tracklist but did not have a rear insert. What’s special about the Lil Romeo – Lil Romeo European CD sampler are the 2 unreleased songs which you cannot find anywhere else which are Just a Kid and Ballin’. Those 2 songs can only be found on this CD.

Lil Romeo’s debut album back in 2001 was a platinum success gone right. You had the right sound, production, and promotion behind the album. Nearly every song is memorable due to the beats and promotion. Lil Romeo’s debut album is a kid friendly pop rap album that is family friendly no doubt. Everything from love ballads, nursery rhymes, to freestyles are included. The album has that crossover appeal due to that pop rap sound.

Master P was busy trying to get his son Lil Romeo’s debut album off the ground and shift his focus towards promoting that album. Lil Romeo’s career was a top priority for the label. Master P shifted towards releasing albums with more of a commercial pop rap sound from him, Lil Romeo, and 504 Boyz in 2001. This changed the sound and direction of No Limit Records. No Limit was influenced by the crossover market during that time.

XL, Myke Diesel, C-Los, Master P, and Silkk were responsible for the production of Lil Romeo’s debut album. Myke Diesel was responsible for a bulk of the production as he produced a bulk of Lil Romeo’s debut album.

Just a Kid was a song Lil Romeo wrote for his debut album which for some reason did not make the final cut or tracklist. Who knows what the reasons were as to why this song was unreleased. Could have been sample clearance issues, creative control, or timing. Regardless of what the reasons may have been, this is one kid friendly pop rap song. The song is short and sweet in nature. The duration of Just a Kid is 3:57.

Lil Romeo is the one with the crushed out tank. Lil Romeo is the one who is making young girls faint. Lil Romeo doesn’t smoke and is too young to drink. He is just a kid but got has got a million dollars in the bank. ($1,000,000 dollars).

Lil Romeo has that sharp brown skin. He can always be found in that Dirty South. Chicks say he’s expanded. Lil Romeo goes all out until they fall out.

When Lil Romeo goes shopping at the mall, he buys the mall out. That includes everything from kids meals to big wheels. He did deals at 11 years old. Girls screamin’ he’s so cute in they gym gear. Lil Romeo is gonna win here. He will not lose. Lil Romeo will come back and kick that flow as he rip that show he is performing at. By the next time Lil Romeo is around you’ll know I ain’t playin’, boy. It’s time yo make room for Ro’.

Lil Romeo is rocking center stage. Killing it with his dark shades and corn braids as he kicks that flow. Lil Romeo is a little man doing big things. A man of his word He earns everything he deserves through hard work and dedication. Get out and get your own. Stop playing around. Life is about making calls. His father Master P said the strong survive while the weak fall. So Lil Romeo stuck with it and pressed his luck with it. He imagined it. Now he is on stage getting crunk with it at shows and on TV. Make way as Lil Romeo is the hottest thing in the industry today. All he sees is the future. By the time Lil Romeo is 16, he’ll be the best rapper in the game and in the genre of hip hop/rap. The world of hip hop/rap is gonna change.

Lil Romeo encourages children and his fans to get everything they deserve through hard work and dedication. Lil Romeo explains that life is about making calls and decision making. That is what the lyrics in Verse 2 indicate.

[Verse 2]
Center stage, dark shades to corn braids
I’m a little man
You know doin’ big things, man of my word
Earn everything I deserve
Hard work and dedication
Man get out and get your own, stop playin’ ball
Life is about makin’ calls
My dad said the strong survive while the weak fall
So I stuck wit it
Pressed my luck wit it
Imagined it
Now I’m on stage gettin’ crunk wit it
Make way, I’m the hottest thing in da industry today
All I see is the future cause I’m feelin’ the A
After me the world of hiphop gonna change
By the time I’m 16 I’ll be the best in the game

Little Star is Lil Romeo’s take on and cover of the children’s nursery song and lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Erica Fox covers the chorus with her. Lil Romeo is searching around for puppy love in this song. Similar to how Lil Bow Wow was during that time.

Now not many people know this but Erica Fox was singing under the alias of Allusion. That is her singing the chorus. Interestingly enough Erica Fox was off the No Limit label by this point. So Master P must have made the executive decision to change her name in the songwriters credits to Allusion instead of her legal name.

Notice the way Lil Romeo starts off the song. He starts off the song in a militaristic style which is a militaristic chant.

[Intro: Lil Romeo]
Hut 1, Hut 2
Hut 1, Hut 2
Hut 1, Hut 2

Lil Romeo is looking for a girl who can show him around and hold it down for him. Lil Romeo is looking for puppy love. He can’t explain the way he feels. He’s a little young for this. When he sees her, all he seems to feel is happiness and her beauty. Her beauty is unusually extravagant. That is how beautiful she is. Lil Romeo won’t stop until he gets through to her. He shows how persistent he is with these lyrics, “Ain’t gone stop ’til I get thru to you”. He will bring her everything in her life she can think of.

What’s ya name Ma
I wanna hang Ma
Feel like takin’ a ride on the swang Ma
You my queen Ma
Be ya king Ma
I bring you everything in ya life you can think Ma
If we were older I’d give you a ring Ma
Take you to the concert where they sing Ma
For now I’mma let you do ya thing Ma
But if ya man turn out
He’s not getting’ a thing Ma

Erica Fox sings and covers the chorus with her own twist.

[Chorus: Allusion]
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Let’s bounce to the spot
Baby take a ride
This song is just for you and I
Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Let’s bounce to the spot
Baby take a ride
This song is just for you and I

The girl Lil Romeo is looking for and getting after is hot from her feet to her braids. Dimples in her cheeks. She love to eat sweets. Lil Romeo purchased himself a baby Hummer so him and her can creep. Lil Romeo has a cell phone incase she wants to speak to him. Every time she speaks, he swears my heart skips. It’s warm inside and hot like July. He get butterflies when he looks in her eyes. This can’t be wrong. It feels too right. Turn the music up. Dim the lights. Rome-e-rome is in the zone tonight.

Lil Romeo explains why you don’t want to mess with him on the song Don’t Want To as he a lyrical beast with his uncle Silkk The Shocker. That Down South stuff is groovy.

Y’all don’t really want to mess with Lil Romeo. Y’all better respect his G. You better think before you step to him. He is from the CP3 better known as Calliope Projects.

Y’all really down to ride with Lil Romeo, Soulja Music, and No Limit? Cross side and get wild with them? Get it crunk all the way live with them? So Cross side and get wild with them. So get it crunk and all the way live with them. From the South to the Eastside with them.

Let’s get it on. Lil Romeo is bad to the bone. Edgin on yo dome. What you know about a baby hummer sittin on chrome? He makes moves like he is grown with a style of his own. See the ice around his neck? He goes to school in a Range Rover. He is/was a 5th grader with a $70 dollar phone and two way pager. I wreck mics rip shows and kick floors as he has got flavor in other words. That is why he is a major deal. Lil Romeo’s got y’all throwin them bo’s. If you are/were hating, then stop that.

He’s what you been missing. Lil Romeo is that cool cat nice with the ball who hits jumpers and score nicer than y’all. You better take your points cause you might not score. He’s been practicing since the age of 4. He’s got my mind right as he is up in the limelight. He is dangerous in so many ways. Sounds like a wild animal which needs to be in a cage. A lil soulja is what they call him.

Lil Romeo and Afficial will make you dance with their song Make You Dance. The song uses simplistic rhymes in a kid friendly manner.

If you wanna dance, I’ma make you dance. And if you wanna move, I’ma make you move. But if you down with No Limit say Romeo.

You know Romeo travels worldwide from the west to the east. He can’t drive. So instead he has a chauffeur to transport him places. He can’t drive. So in the passenger seat. Girls are constantly chasing him around. He is platinum plus, whodie. Check the fan mail. Who’s stopping him now? You know he’s got the club jumpin’ like Destiny’s Child. Lil Romeo’s a mini-millionaire. Pick a park to play. Six Flags, baby girl. You can have it your way.

Lil Zane says the lil shorty gotta mouth on him. A lot of homies are lookin out for him. Lil Zane knows that angels was lookin down on him when Master P gave him the opportunity to be featured on Lil Romeo’s song.

A baby hummer wasn’t enough for Lil Romeo. So he had to purchase himself a Jaguar. Lil Romeo does not lie about anything. Look at his father Master P. He’s got the south on lock and sound on lock. Whodie, he is the best here. No Limit sweats and sneakers are the best gear. The girls love him when I step on the stage with his baby face going and his hair in the braids. He acknowledges that his body guards hate when he stops and waves. Lil Romeo has been in more cities than birthdays. Lil Zane and Afficial held it down with him on this song and Take My Pain Away.

Haters are mad that Afficial is bringin the heat and are the thing of the streets. They weren’t the thing of the streets in the previous year of 2000. And they are mad because Afficial is up in the Jag with Romeo having more cheese than Dominoes. They hate Afficial because they are the center of attraction. And like the Lakers on the tour. The best like Phil Jackson. That’s how Afficial is bringin the heat.

Lil Romeo and Lil Zane performed a beautiful rendition and cover of Sting – Take My Breath Away with the song Take My Pain Away. The song deals with the pain of losing a love one.

Every time someone is born, someone else has to die. Seeing people die for/with no purpose. All your family and friends shed tears. We try to understand why as every year goes by. Where do we go from here is the big question. Where do we go from here? What did we do to deserve this? The fast life is much too short. The world is too much to take your (and our) pain away.

Your ABC’s is a children’s nursery rhyme which is performed in the form of a children’s rap song with simplistic lyrics and rhymes. All of which is performed by Lil Romeo.

(Lil Romeo)
A for apple
B is for ball
Me and C went shopping at the mall
D came over in a E class Benz
So F started fighting one of his friends

S for Soulja Music we be layin it down
T is for teaching
U is for united
V is for very important players invited

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

Review: Sonny Fortune – In Waves Of Dreams

Sonny Fortune – In Waves Of Dreams is an album which uses a mixture of soul and jazz music. The solos on this album are worthwhile to listen to. Sonny Fortune is a virtuoso on the flute. He plays the flute on two of the five songs off of this album. You can feel warmth and power as you listen to the jazz music from this album. In all honesty, this album is one of the most underrated and overlooked jazz albums.

In the sheet music for In Waves Of Dreams, a handful of beamed eighth notes and sixteenth notes were used. Not too many single notes were used as most notes were grouped on a tenuto. An eighth rest is used on the 5th time signature. This denotes a period of silence. A whole note/semibreve (º) is used at the beginning of 6th time signature which is located next to a whole rest. No sharp signs (#) were used though as the pitch was perfect. The soprano sax uses a bass clef.

Sonny used many instruments in layers on the song Revelation. However the song sounds dated for a song that was recorded in the mid-70s.

Thoughts uses a mellow tuned double bass viola to accommodate the jazz sound. The tempo is not too upbeat but is mid tempo instead. Angel Allende puts down some nice work on the congas. Thoughts uses a 7|4 time signature. Not many songs use the tricky 7|4 time signature.

I rate this album 4/5****.

Review: Extra Prolific ‎– 2 For 15

Extra Prolific ‎– 2 For 15 is a timeless classic from the Bay Area of California. This album is a jazz hop album where jazz meets hip hop and rap. Only 500 copies of this album were pressed. All the Extra Prolific cassettes are considered to be extremely rare. The average price for this album when it sold online is $150 dollars. These days this Extra Prolific album is considered a collectable.

The only downsides are the album not being mixed and mastered properly. For some reason all of the songs center more to the left channel of the speakers instead of being equally balanced on a 50/50 scale. The vocals are set to mono instead of stereo.

Act/You A Fool is a jazz hop song where jazz meets hip hop. Act/You A Fool uses a looped jazz sample which consists of a horn selection and drum kits. The song is mostly horn driven. Extra Prolific fans refer to the song Act/You A Fool as a timeless classic.

Skimask & A Mic is an Extra Prolific freestyle. His raps are as smooth as ever. His flows are smooth. The incredible beat was produced by A-Plus.

Extra Prolific does a bit of soul searching on the song Searching. Searching is regarded as a masterpiece of a classic by Extra Prolific fans. He spits one of his realest verses on this song. “Tried soul searching but I don’t trust the seeker”

The beat is hard and his flows are ill on Jump On It. It’s some smooth gangsta shit.

Critics (Oh My!) is a ‘fuck you’ to the editors who are music critics. He calls out critics in this songs. His writing skills are better than any editors out there. So are his rhymes. He provoked by those critics who are biased in reporting their news. The critics just don’t get it. Extra Pro believes criticism from critics is based on the popularity contest model. Be real. Music is something you feel.

I rate this album 5/5*****!