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How Armadillo Art Glass benefits the community!

Armadillo Art Glass is a collection of local artists from the Austin, Texas community who sell their crafts by using their skills in glass blowing. With local artists coming together to form a community, such artists can sell their crafts and artworks for profit which will gear to generate money into the community. These artists are helping the community with their works of art. With these profits, 100% of proceeds go to all nonprofit organizations including Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels sponsors events held by Armadillo Art Glass.

“They make art. There’s live paintings. It’s just a really chill event. Local artists come together to build a community and share art. Meals On Wheels raised $150,000 dollars last year for this charity event.” said Meg Stahl.

Armadillo Art Glass raised $150,000 dollars for Meals On Wheels in 2016. The average amount of donations Armadillo Art Glass receives for their charity events are $150,000 dollars a year. In some years, Meals On Wheels raises $300,000 dollars from sales at their charity events. 100% of proceeds go to all nonprofit organizations and partner sponsorships involved inside this charity event sponsored by Meals On Wheels.

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