Review: Master P – No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape

Master P’s No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape was used to celebrate the release of the 5 part Docu-Series on No Limit Chronicles on BET which aired on July 29, 2020. Super producer BlaqnMild graced P’s album with his high quality production. This was the highly anticipated album of 2020. Master P keeps things fresh by discussing relevant and up to date content with today’s audience.

The Colonel of The Tank shares game about preparation, ownership and education with everyone including professional athletes and entertainers on Need To Know. “If you gettin’ money this the shit you need to know.” He kept real and keeps telling the truth. Rap is missing real lyricism like this.

Believe is about believing in yourself in order to become successful. Master P says that hard work is the key to success when most people don’t believe in you. Believing in yourself is the positive Master P is trying to convey in this song. Super producer BlaqnMild graced this song with his high quality production and modernized beats.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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