Review: Afficial – Game Over

Review: Afficial – Game Over

Afficial – Game Over is an East Coast rap album with some of the tightest freestyle sprinkled with a tinge of that commercialized pop sound over modern upgraded production and urban beats. East Coast rap meets Southern rap on this Afficial album. This collection of underground street bangers was available in stores on the East Coast of the United States and was initially available through their geocities website. The album was sold through money order on their geocities website and was pressed up in limited quantities. Ya’ll don’t know about the underground Philly hip hop/rap.

The Game Over album had songs such as We Some Hustlaz, Who Dem Niggaz? with Silkk The Shocker, A Little More, War, Bring It On, and Soldiers with Krazy of 504 Boyz.

Now Afficial – Game Over was supposed to be Afficial’s second album that was supposed to have been released after Master P’s Ghetto Bill album in April 2005 on Koch Records and Universal Records. However No Limit Records popularity was declining and they were losing momentum. No Limit had been a mainstay for more than a decade by that point. Afficial had felt they were not getting the push and promotion they deserved. So Afficial decided to release their album on their geocities website by money order to their fans. That is what happened to the album.

Ya’ll might have remembered the time when Afficial ripped the microphone in The Best Of The Booth on Rap City on BET back in the day. Afficial was DEFINITELY one of the greatest groups to be signed to the tank.

Can’t Touch Us was originally Afficial’s song which ended up being used on Soulja Slim’s 2001 album Streets Made Me. The song served as the good ender on Soulja Slim’s 2001 album. Afficial shows off their hardcore versatile lyrics. Afficial definitely brings out the East Coast flavor into the song. S-Flames was the hardest with the bars and Yukon lit with the punchlines. They all brought different styles to their songs. Everyone knows Afficial are some straight head bustas. Ya heard me? No Limit is the family. The army is strong.

Afficial wears Jordans and ride on 23’s (23 inch rims) on the truck while screened up (having tinted windows). Their chrome wheels on their truck feel like you are riding on ski’s. That is what the lyrics, “Chrome wheels it feel like you ridin’ on ski’s” mean.

Smoking that sticky green. Afficial is spazzed out with a spaced out look. That is why memebrs of Afficial have that spazzed out look. You can catch them rolling in their Jaguar. Play hard, pop fly, and get bitches to jump rope is their motto. Game over is the law and their motto also. These little niggas ain’t ballin’ right. Afficial gotta call the plays out. Afficial flips shit up and turn dogs back to puppies. They sure is ugly.

S-Flames was the hardest with the bars. Read these lyrics of his.

[Afficial (S-Flames)]
The bigger the barrel is it’s harder to swallow
I gotta put you in the creek where the water is shallow
Afficial, game over is the law & the motto
Put it out for the bitches & the niggas to follow

Afficial explains why you don’t want to go to war with them on the self-explanatory track called War.

Y’all don’t wanna war with Afficial. When there’s beef, best believe they bust. Afficial can take it how you want it because they are thuggin over here. Pure, uncut, and raw butter over here.

The rap game was getting better this year. They done put P with Afficial which is something better in here. Afficial is in a league of their own. Something which is out of their price range and is not in their budget. You know they can’t spend that amount of money. You know it ain’t too hard to tell that every member of Afficial street team ain’t too far from jail. Members of Afficial are all quarterbacks and y’all gotta receive it.

Desperado writes his rhymes in the kitchen because his balls are cooking. He used to fuck average bitches and now the stars are looking. Niggas are scared and shook. He can tell by observing their faces

Desperado goes to court. The judge is dropping the case against Desperado. At least for now. Desperado’s name spread like the shells in the gauge. That’s why they can’t believe it. But they don’t catch that until a year later. Plus this burner to your head might make you lose your mind.

I write my rhymes in the kitchen cuz my balls is cookin
Used to fuck average bitches now the stars is looking
Niggas scared and they shook, I can tell by their face
Cuz we hard to figure out, like the lock to a safe
I go to court the judge dropping the case
No blood as soon as I kill a nigga then I’m moppin the place
And I’m quick to pop the 8, that’s just how I was raised
Desperado, name spread like the shells in the gauge
And age the major reason why they can’t believe it
But we all quarterbacks and y’all gotta receive it
But they don’t catch it till a year later
Minds kill, niggas lost so they gotta catch up like Hossfield
Your team don’t squeeze, guess what, mines will
Or stop till there’s a million a show like Seinfield
Plus we got the skill for this, any proven time
But this burner to your head, make you lose your mind nigga

S-Flames can feel the girls on his nuts about those Rolls and drops. Now it’s hard to get her off like a Heineken top. He’s got ten young boys on the block with them quarters. Nowadays he washes his car with spring water. You fucked up comin strong with the GOAT. If the Liberty Bell rung, it wouldn’t stop this fight. Get buck like Bugsy and his men go hard all night. Game over. Afficial in here.

S-Flames uses some clever wordplay here with these lyrics. “Why you just try to send your man to merc me/You can’t get rid of Flames, nickname is herpes”

This is the part of the song where things suddenly get dark. “See me face to face chump, watch me beat you like my son” These lyrics are highly disturbing and unsettling.

Soldiers with Krazy of 504 Boyz was one of their more militant aggressive Southern rap tracks with a hedonistic touch. They take you head on with their lyrics. The song has that No Limit sound and flavor.

I rate this album 4/5****!


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