Review: 6 Piece – Phase 1

6 Piece – Phase 1 album is a beautiful innocent pop album with love ballads such as Can’t Let Go, Cherish Your Love, My First, My Last, and The Wish Song. The album has that early 2000s pop sound and vibe. One thing is definite is that this album qualifies as pop. This is a great album for anyone who is a pop fan. This 6 piece album is off the hook!

Now perhaps if 6 Piece came out in an earlier decade and were fresh back in the day, they would have been on the same level as the Backstreet Boys, O-Town, NSYNC, NKOTB, ˚98 Degrees, or Blackstreet. It was due to the fact of over saturation of boy bands in early turn of the 21st century that caused 6 Piece to be overlooked. However 6 Piece managed to gain some charting hits thanks to radio play in the United States and Canada.

For those who don’t know or remember, 6 Piece was an Atlanta, Georgia based six-piece boy band back in the early 2000s and were signed to No Limit Records. 6 Piece first established themselves in 1999 when they signed independently to StarrWorks Entertainment working with producer Maurice Starr.

6 Piece was the opening act for Lil Romeo on tour. They joined the first leg of the NSYNC’s “Celebrity POP” tour preforming in coliseums nationally. They had performances with NSYNC, Alicia Keys, Jagged Edge, Tricia Yearwood and many others. The members of 6 Piece were Micah Pittard, bad boy John Reynolds, Brandon Thompson, Bobby Ritchie, Kevin Swan, and Alejandro Rocafort (the sexy Puerto Rican). 6 Piece was featured in Billboard Magazine and so many other outlets during that time. Kevin Swan stood out as the most memorable group member of 6 Piece in his tenure.

My First, My Last was their first single which was the buzz single for their first and second album. The girlies went nuts when 6 Piece performed My First, My Last live on stage with Lil Romeo. Everyone loved this song back in the day as it was a sweet love song. Just pure and clean with no overhyped sexuality. No autotune was used at all. My First, My Last is great! Especially like the remix version! My First, My Last is great! I love this song.

Now not too many people know this but My First, My Last was recorded while 6 Piece was recording their first album called Phase 1 (Phase I) on the date of October 25, 1999. Their first single was released nationwide in early 2000 and had reached #3 on Pop Radio charts on the Billboard.

No matter how high or low, it’s important to be there for the one you love. You think of that person both night and day. Wherever they are that’s where you will go. That’s where you wanna be. Read, analyze, and listen to their lyrics below.

(6 Piece)
Girl I think of you both night and day
Wonder if you’re safe if you’re okay
Its just the way that you move me
Girl you’ll never lose me
I’ll be there for you because

(chorus: 6 Piece)
You’re my first (my first)
You’re my last (my last)
I’m gonna love you forever
My first (my first)
My last (my last)
I’m gonna leave you oh never

(6 Piece)
No matter how high
No matter how low
I’m gonna be there for you babe
Wherever you are that’s where I’ll go
That’s where I wanna be you and me

A wish for love and romance is prevalent on The Wish Song. A wish to make love is what you desire. Everyone wishes for one more chance. A wish for all the above. The song is a sultry sappy love song about love and romance.

Can’t Let Go is about not being able to get over that one whom you truly love. No matter what you do, you just seem to can’t let go. You still love them. They are in every dream you have at night. You don’t know what all this emotion means or the reasons why. You wake up in the dawn of morning just to contemplate about them. Its like that.

Share your love, thoughts, and heart on Share Your Love. It’s a suggested love song perfect for you!

I rate this album 4/5****!

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