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Rapper Slim 400 Murder Caught On Camera

Rapper Slim 400 Reportedly Shot Dead In Los Angeles

Slim 400 death: Rapper shot dead aged 33, report says. Slim 400 has died of a gunshot wound on Wednesday (8 December) in California, according to reports. He was 33. TMZ, citing law enforcement agencies, reported that the rapper was gunned down in Inglewood, Los Angeles. It is currently unclear how many suspects were involved in the fatal shooting, or why Slim 400 was shot.

Slim 400 was the victim of what appears to be an ambush attack as he sat in a driveway … only to be surprised and shot at multiple times. Law enforcement sources confirm a video floating around online is the Slim 400 attack. You see the suspect walk up the driveway, gun in hand, and approach the driver’s side of the vehicle, where Slim was seated. It’s unclear exactly what happens next, but you see a flash and hear a gun go off and Slim lunge at the suspect. Gunshots continue to go off as the rapper continues to move toward the street with the gunman.

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