On The Line: AEW, OHF and The Legacy of Owen Hart

On The Line: AEW, OHF and The Legacy of Owen Hart

22 years ago the world of Pro Wrestling lost, one of it’s greatest talents, Owen Hart in a tragic accident at WWE’s ‘Over The Edge’ pay per view.

For most of us who were watching the show this night will remain etched in your mind forever.

From the camera scanning the audience to Jim Ross’ announcement that Owen had passed, later in the show, this haunting night will stay with fans forever.

22 years later Owen’s legacy will finally be celebrated, properly, through the Owen Hart Foundation’s partnership with All Elite Wrestling which will include the ‘Owen Hart Cup’ tournament, exclusive merchandise and a posthumous appearance in AEW’s upcoming video game.

Owens widow, Martha, has never been against the business celebrating her husband’s legacy she has just been against the company, which lead to his death, doing it and rightfully so if we are honest.

Looking back ‘RAW is Owen’, which was broadcast the night after his passing, was filled with the all the things Owen didn’t agree with during his time with WWE.

Yes the interviews, with the talent who loved him, were personal, and meaningful, but seeing a ‘pimp’ and ‘porn star’ on a tribute show just didn’t, and still doesn’t, seem right to celebrate his legacy.

The arguement could be made that Owen has no real links to AEW at all but honestly, we believe, that Owen would be ‘All Elite’ if he were still alive as the product, and general treatment of talent and fans, is everything Owen believed in and we think the partnership suits extremely well and is well justified.

WWE have the footage but not the means to truly celebrate Owen Hart without it feeling wrong.

Was the ‘King of Harts’ documentary terrible no not really but they didn’t really need to do it. The documentary just came across as ‘the right thing to do’ as opposed to a genuine tribute to a man who gave the business so much.

We personally think Owen’s name being linked to AEW is amazing and will be done correctly by the company with the watchful eye of the owen Hart Foundation.

Someone posted that Owen Hart’s estate teaming up with AEW is just as big, and important, as them signing Sting, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan and they are right. This partnership is everything Owen deserves as the Wrestling world never wanted to forget him it’s just that the right situation was never in place for something like this happen.

We applaud everyone involved in this and are so pleased that a new generation of fans will get to see Owen’s legacy shine the way it should have always been.


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