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On The Line: The Top 10 Greatest Jersey Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time (and Honorable Mentions)!!!

A Top 10 of the best Hip-Hop songs to come out of Jersey??? Yes, you read that right, we are talking about the tiny island near France but is actually British.

Believe it or not, over the last decade, this little island has been producing some phenomenal Hip-Hop and we are here to give you the Top 10 greatest songs to come out of the local scene, in Jersey, ever!!!

So let’s get down to business!!!

#10. Kinz ‘I Thank’ (2015)

Before Kinz started gaining exposure, via outlets like Link Up TV, he was an under the radar teen, spitting over soulful beats, and he was extremely good at it too!

‘I Thank’, which was taken from his ‘Organic Thoughts’ EP, showcases both his lyrical skills and his ear for incredibly dope beats.

Clocking in at just under 2 minutes it superbly highlights his knack for brilliantly crafted wordplay which, based on his age at the time, showed that he was years ahead of the curve.

#9. Just Muz ‘Sun Rays & The Reign’ (2014)

Now known as Christian Foley, or the ‘Rapping Teacher’, who has recently appeared on national television programmes, such as ‘Good Morning Britain’, Christian has become a highly recognisable name within the UK Hip-Hop, and Poetry, scenes however, back in the late 00’s/early 10’s, he was locally known as Just Muz.

‘Sun Rays & The Reign’ was taken from what would be considered his last album, within Jersey’s Hip-Hop scene, ‘Departure Sounds’.

A beautifully crafted track that has you envisioning Foley bidding farewell to Jersey as he leaves for bigger adventures elsewhere.

From the beat selection to the bars this is, hands down, Muz’s masterpiece in painting a vivid picture with his pen.

#8. UNOIT ‘The Time Has Come’ (2012)

Originally appearing on J-Fab’s ‘Man Of Values’ album this posse track with Verse 1, Lloyd Luther (then known as U.G), B-Eazy and Medi-T (aka Zagga Da Alien) was one of the first introductions to Verse 1’s ‘UNOIT’ collective.

To say everyone brought their A-game, on this track, would be an understatement as it brought 5 of Jersey’s finest together for a masterclass of ‘pass the mic’ that still stands up nearly a decade after it first came out!

#7. Carnage ‘Stay With Us’ (2011)

‘Stay With Us’ was proof that a, primarily, underground Hip-Hop act could make a commercial sounding track that had feeling, and depth, to it.

JimiDkiD, J-Fab and Verse 1 get incredibly deep on their verses while Georgia Kelly handles the hook with such power that you can’t help but get lost in the music.

Probably considered one of the last, great, Carnage tracks before Jimi left to return home to the UK.

#6. B-Eazy ‘Save Me’ (featuring U.G) (2012)

After years of grafting away, on the local scene, it took Eazy to get sober, and open up about his addiction issues, to really hit his peak.

With the man now known as Lloyd Luther singing on the hook (and producing the track too) this track was also accompanied by a dark, black and white, video that easily caught peoples attention and took Eazy up a level, on the local scene, especially as a solo artist.

#5. CJ Burns ‘Facebook Fanatics’ (2016)

CJ Burns ‘Facebook Fanatics’ is just pure, and simple, genius of point at the social media crowd and highlight the stupidity of their, likes and share based, lives.

A highly talented lyricist who’s debut album ‘If You Hold On To The Past The Future Won’t Come’, which dropped through Revolution Records, showcased an artist who, with the guidance of Eddy West and Lee Davis, was on his way to becoming one of the scenes elite.

‘Facebook Fanatics’ has the perfect balance of comedy and honesty that makes it such an amazing record and one that still rings true 5 years later!

#4. Eddy West & BJ Myles ‘Suicide Rock’ (featuring Gemini) (2012)

If Jersey’s Hip-Hop scene had an official anthem then this would be it!

Only Eddy and BJ could make Jersey sound like the place to be on this bouncy track that had an insanely dope hook, provided by Gemini, to keep your head nodding.

Phenomenal production from Lee Davis makes this an instant classic that will keep this in constant rotation for years to come!

This track also gave the scene a nickname, in it’s title, so you could also say it’s a pretty historic moment too.

#3. J-Fab ‘Get Along’ (2012)

‘Get Along’ is a song filled with so much soul it takes a number of listens to truly absorb it all.

Taken from his ‘Man Of Values’ album this track has J-Fab dropping nothing but thoughtful lyrics, over a beat that is almost dreamlike, that makes you sit back and just appreciate the music.

A beautifully crafted track that is as real as real can be.

A definitive ‘Grown Man Rap’ anthem.

#2. Eddy West ‘Income Support’ (featuring Rosie Barrett) (2012)

Eddy West was, and will always be, a staple of Hip-Hop in Jersey…Fact!

Even after leaving the recording booth behind, to concentrate on his highly successful ‘Point Of Discussion’ podcast, he is still one of the most recognised names within the Hip-Hop scene in Jersey.

His tracks alone could be collated into it’s own Top 10 list however their are others who deserve their flowers too so that list may have to wait for another time.

‘Income Support’ was taken from his ‘So Sick, So Tired’ album and is solid proof that Eddy could make powerful, thought provoking, music that still holds up many years later.

With Rosie Barrett, beautifully, providing the hook, and Lee Davis (yet again!) on production, Eddy is given the perfect canvas to paint a brutally honest picture of life on income support with little to no hope.

#1. Verse 1 ‘F.R.E.D (For Remembering The Elderly Deceased)’ (featuring Medi-T) (2015)

Hands down one of the most emotional Hip-Hop records we have ever heard!

A record that by the time you get the end of the second verse you’ve already started tearing up from it’s powerfully vivid lyrics. You can literally picture yourself in the moments described, when Verse 1 spits them, and it’s incredible.

Following the story of war veteran, named Fred, who’s whole family has passed away over the years and sees him struggle with his day to day life from just getting older, and reminiscing on days gone by, to menacing teens playing knock and run on his door

This isn’t just a song this is a heartbreaking, audio, journey of Fred’s existence at this point.

Medi-T does a great job on the hook and provides extra depth with it.

Overall it’s hard to not listen to this and understand why this is the greatest Jersey Hip-Hop song of all time!!!

Honorable mentions

• JimiDkiD & J-Fab ‘Freedom Of Choice’ (2009)
• Just Muz ‘Soulful Stuff’ (2009)
• B-Eazy ‘Hip-Hop (Isn’t For The Radio)’ (2009)
• Bonito & Bigga Dread ‘One…’ (2009)
• Verse 1 ‘Dreams Of Change’ (2011)
• Eddy West & BJ Myles ‘I’m From Jersey’ (2011)
• T.K. & Little ‘Every Word’ (2011).
• U.G ‘Education’ (2012)
• Eddy West ‘Forever Young’ (2015)
• Kinz ‘Proud’ (2020)

Well we hope you enjoyed our list and if your not familiar hit the above links and do so because Hip-Hop in Jersey is not to be slept on!!!

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