R.A.W Media & Bout Dat Online Present The ‘R.A.W Culture’ Hall Of Fame 2021 Inductions!!!

R.A.W Media & Bout Dat Online Present The ‘R.A.W Culture’ Hall Of Fame 2021 Inductions!!!

R.A.W Media & Bout Dat Online are proud to present the first inductees into our newly formed ‘R.A.W Culture’ Hall Of Fame!!!

This H.O.F exists to highlight those who bridged the cap between the world’s of Hip-Hop/Rap and Pro Wrestling and made an impact on both cultures!!!

So, with out further ado, we are please to announce this years inductees!!!

Percy ‘Master P’ Miller –

Percy ‘Master P’ Miller is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the history of Hip-Hop and, undoubtedly, paved the way for how artists conduct business based off the blueprint Miller used for No Limit Records and his other various business ventures over the last few decades.

Miller has also done his part, within the world of Pro Wrestling, with his appearance in WCW, back in 1999 alongside his ‘No Limit Soliders’, to purchasing House Of Glory Wrestling recently.

Truly a household name who deserves his flowers for everything he has ever accomplished!!!

The Insane Clown Posse –

Say what you will about I.C.P but, for over 30 years, they have carved out their own, unique, niche within Hip-Hop that some artists have never been able to match.

From the ‘Gathering Of The Juggalos’ to selling millions of records, worldwide, I.C.P have done it all and, most of all, independently via their Psychopathic Records label.

They have also contributed, and shown love, to the world of Pro Wrestling from being in national promotions such as WWE, WCW, ECW and TNA to running their own, successful, organisation Juggalo Championship Wrestling!!!

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope’s roots are firmly grounded in both Hip-Hop and Pro Wrestling and they certainly deserve their flowers for what they have done within both.

Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young (Posthumously) –

This year Pro Wrestling lost one of it’s most controversial figures in, hardcore legend, Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young.

Jack’s style of hardcore wrestling was something the industry had never seen before (and probably will never see again).

Competing in companies such as SMW, ECW, XPW and Impact Wrestling (then TNA) made Jack a household name.

He held the SMW, ECW and USWA Tag Team titles and is definitely remembered for his use of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube’s, gangster rap anthem, ‘Natural Born Killaz’ which would play throughout his matches (something that no one else has ever done).

New Jack was the true ‘Original Gangsta’ of Wrestling, as he blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, (just ask Vic Grimes and some of his other opponents that felt his wrath) and he always represented Hip-Hop with, not only his choice of entrance music, but his choice of ring attire too (bandanas, t-shirts with 2Pac and No Limit on etc.).

Big respect, and congratulations, to all this years inductees and thank you for what you have done for the Rap and Wrestling culture.

Rest in Peace Jerome ‘New Jack’ Young (1963 – 2021)


Rap And Wrestling!!! If it aint

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