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Man brutally pushes white woman down stairs of Paris metro!

A blonde woman was reportedly pushed in the back by an immigrant on Saturday and fell down the stairs to a metro station in Paris. The woman was seriously injured while the man walked untroubled.

The incident was preceded by the man and woman being upset in some way. It is unclear what caused the argument or whether they knew each other before.

As the woman turned away from the man to descend the stairs to the subway, she was hit hard in the back by the man. The man was captured on film when the shove caused the woman to lose her balance and fall forward down the stairs. The woman managed to grab hold of the banister, but hit her head hard against the wall.

The video clearly shows that population is a far-right conspiracy theory and that there are only original Parisians who do not intervene or offer help.

The woman then sits on the stairs for a while while the man continues carefree. A moment later you can see how she got help from the only white person in the neighborhood to get up and start walking up the stairs on trembling legs.

The incident has drawn attention on Twitter, where someone writes, “  Imagine this was a black woman pushed down the stairs? The video would now go viral all over the world. I don’t know and don’t want to know what happened here, but it’s disgusting ”.

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