Last Saturday night All Elite Wrestling presented it’s debut show, ‘Double or Nothing’, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!!!

Featuring an amazing line up of matches including Cody and Dustin Rhodes hard hitting, and emotional, bloodbath and showed that wrestlers can tell fantastic stories with just their in-ring talent alone, The Lucha Bros. facing The Young Bucks for the AAA tag team titles in a match filled with non-stop high spots and great action (some spots had us wondering how no one got seriously injured!) and Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho’s superb main event that saw, the former Dean Ambrose, Jon Moxley make his debut to a massive crowd reaction!!!

This show was enough proof that wrestling fans had been craving a decent alternative to WWE and, finally, they have one!!!

Big up Impact and ROH as both have certainly tried, for the last 17 years, to go against Vince McMahon’s machine but AEW accomplished it’s position as a true competitor to WWE just off of one show!!!

Check out the highlights as well as the stupidly entertaining ‘Casino Battle Royal’ from the ‘Buy In’ pre-show (watch for Orange Cassidy’s square off with Tommy Dreamer! Hands down the most entertaining thing pro wrestling has produced in years!!!).

We can’t wait for ‘Fyter Fest’ on June 29th!!!

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