WrestleBIZ: AEW brings wrestling back to TNT.

WrestleBIZ: AEW brings wrestling back to TNT.


Who would have thought that 18 years after WCW closed it’s doors (as an independent organisation) and presented the final episode of ‘Nitro’, on TNT, that wrestling would return to the network that looked down on the sport so much!!!

Hopefully this will present the challenge WWE has desperately needed for years. While Impact Wrestling (then known as TNA) came very close they dropped the ball with awful booking decisions and power trips (Dixie we see you!!!). They have gradually fallen further behind WWE with terrible TV deals (Pop and Pursuit???) and brand changes (GFW anyone???) and now resemble a slightly polished indie group!!!

With a decent roster, financial backing and actual talent heading it up, AEW, will hopefully usher in a new era the industry (and fans) having been dying to see!!!

From all of us at WrestleBIZ we want to congratulate AEW on the deal and for getting wrestling back on a Turner network!!!


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