Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Organised Chaos

Artist Spotlight (Interview) – Organised Chaos

Featured Artist: Organised Chaos

Rap Group from The UK

February is upon us and this month’s FEATURED GLOBAL TALENT is not one to be missed!

Where do you hail from?

We both come from different parts of Britain. ODavies is from North Wales and Micah is from Manchester, England
How did your artist name come about?
We wanted a name that represents the dual aspects of our character so upon much debate and discussing many different ideas we come up with the name Organised Chaos…… The Yin Yang Twins name was already taken so this had to do.

How long have you been making music?

Individually over 10 years each, and collectively around 4. However we founded Organised Chaos just over a year ago.

How would you describe the sound around your music, the background/inspirations behind it?

Our music can be nostalgic and current all at the same time. We blend our old school roots and passion with our day to day experiences providing our own take on the world around us. As for inspirations theres too many to name, if its rap and its dope, chances are were inspired by it.

organised chaos5

How do you spend your time outside of the business?

Harassing people inside of the business, to drive them outside of the business so we can get more on the inside of the business. 

What are your current thoughts of the music business in 2019?

Need’s more Organised Chaos. On the real though it needs more Organised Chaos. All jokes aside now, I really think it would benefit from more Organised Chaos

What have you got planned for the near future?

After releasing our debut album Dopamine last summer we immediately began work on our next album, Silent Conversations, which were really excited about, we have singles, videos and live performances lined up for when its released and in the meantime were putting together a mix tape collaborating with other local artists, as they say, Hip Hop don’t stop!!!

What inspires you when you make your music?

We draw inspiration from anything and everything around us. It’s just who we are and what we do.

What music are you bumping at the moment?

Boogie’s Everythings for Sale, Anything J.Cole or Royce Da 5’9, Children of Zeus – Travel Light and Seven Spheres – Boom Bap & Baseball Bats.

Who’s in your Top 5 greatest artist of all time?

tough question, before we get into an argument and split the group up we’ve decided to give you each our own list.
Micah – 2Pac/Eminem/J. Cole/Wu-Tang Clan/Big L
ODavies – Royce Da 5’9/Pharoahe Monch/ J.Cole/Eminem/Redman


Where can the world find you on the web?

Facebook, instagram, twitter, pornhub, youtube, bandcamp. Just type Organised Chaos UK and enjoy 😉

Do you have anything you’d like to plug or let the people know about?

Our album ‘Dopamine’ is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. The video for our song Where R U ? X can be found on our youtube channel and our next album ‘Silent Conversations’ will be coming later this year…. so grab a telescope and watch this space
Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing more from you in future!



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check out THE OC’S latest video single ‘WHERE RU? X’ burning it up on youtube!

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