Lil B – Platinum Flame (iTunes Stream + Purchase)


Say what you will about Lil B but he is certainly one of the most unique artists in the world, and not just in Hip-Hop!

On his latest release, ‘Platinum Flame’, he unleashes 28 of the most bizarre, yet fascinating, tracks to come out of Hip-Hop in a long, long, time!

Lyrically he is in a world, and maybe even universe, of his own and production wise (under his BASEDGOD alias) B, as promised, changes the face of art with some truly remarkable work on the boards! A kind of throwback late 90’s, early 00’s, Cash Money/No Limit sound on some tracks and on others he just kind of throws the rule book out the window and does whatever he feels! Insane or genius? Who knows, and truthfully, who cares!

Lil B may not be everyone’s cup of the tea but you can’t deny his presence in today’s Hip-Hop landscape as a genre defining artist who made it cool to be different looooong before many other rappers!

Highlights – ‘Big Dawg’, ‘Do The BasedGod’, ‘Riding Skating Rolling Painting’.

Stream + purchase here – Lil B – Platinum Flame (iTunes Stream + Purchase)

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