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WATCH: KRAZY 504 BOY – 16 Barz Of Destruction! (HEAT) [No Limit Forever]

A Bout Dat Online Exclusive for our viewers from Breather Entertainment (No Limit Forever) heavyweight ‘KRAZY 504 BOY’ this aptly titled “16 Barz Of Destruction” sees the Money Mafia OG slay the production, look out for more exclusive features by SUBSCRIBING to our line on Youtube here


As we count down until Doc Holiday’s newly announced album BLACK AMERICA from what we’ve heard thus far certainly keeps up wanting more!


krazy 504 boy black america


Krazy’s latest single “HANDS UP TELL THE TRUTH” an on time and poignant track about the worlds current events.


breather entertainment no limit forever

Look out for more #HotNewMusic from ‘Krazy‘ + More ON THE LINE!



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