THE HOT LOW – Hotline Bling… Is DRAKE taking shots at NICKI MINAJ?


Drake is back and this time the artist isn’t taking shots at fellow rapper Meek, instead he is going at his former rumoured on again off again girlfriend and Meek’s current fling, the super hot right now Nicki Minaj.

Whilst the internet is caught ablaze with the artist new video and it’s sexy, fresh simplicity, that only Drizzy has been able to perfect. Many  fans are left wondering is it a coincidence?

“HotLine Bling” Leading Lady


Nicki Minaj

The Leading lady in this video looks a lot like Nicki ! This leaves the question is he missing her? or proving that lil Miss New Booty is a dime per dozen. Either way this video is set to be big this year, so check it out and let us know your views.

Editor Ava Watson


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